Future students get a feel of campus life

Discover NDSU lets prospective students explore campus and learn more about NDSU

On Friday, Feb. 26, North Dakota State University hosted Discover NDSU to welcome future students to the campus. This event holds many activities for prospective students to help them get to know the campus. 

Prospective students are students who have been admitted into the NDSU program. These students attending Discover NDSU will be looking to attend the campus in the fall of 2021. Anne Johnson, the Interim Associate Director, said “this provides a great opportunity for students to meet other incoming students, explore campus and complete their next steps like housing and committing to NDSU.”

One of the Discovery days has already taken place; however, there will also be an admitted day on March 26. Another event taking place on April 16 will contain similar events and activities for Junior prospective students. 

Visitations throughout this year have been limited due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This event is only open to admitted students who have made an appointment. The events also require safety precautions for those participating. This is to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. 

This event will contain a variety of opportunities for future students to help get the feel for campus life. They will be able to meet current students and get a closer look at the campus and experiences they will receive as a student. This day also helps prospective students make their next steps in the NDSU admission process. 

Some of these events include a resource fair, presentations and Q&A’s. Prospective students will be able to meet with current students and ask them about their own campus experience. Discover NDSU will also include student-led campus tours.

The Bison Guides and other current students are helping put on this event. They give tours, meet with students, participate in the panels and assist with greeting families. 

Not only does Discover NDSU help students look at the campus but can help them make a decision for their future. Johnson added, “Visiting campus is the best way to decide if NDSU is the right fit for a prospective student.”

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