fans in frisco

Five-Time Frisco Travelers Enjoy Trek to Texas

fans in frisco
Many Bison fans took advantage of making Frisco reservations early, and it paid off.

While the trip to Frisco, Texas, is never a guarantee, this has not stopped die-hard Bison fans. Frisco also sees a group of unwavering attendees, those who have ventured to the town for every North Dakota State championship.

Trudy Eide, a loyal Bison fan and five-time Frisco-goer, booked her trip to the championship game at the end of August, well in advance of the start of a possible Bison playoff run.

“I guess at this point, it’s kinda like going back to see old friends,” Eide said, adding,”It doesn’t get old. We love it.”

Eide said she bought her tickets well in advance of a possible Bison playoff drive as a post-Christmas getaway.

“We hoped and prayed the team would come with us, but we were gonna go anyways,” she said.

Another five-time Frisco traveler is Lauren Becker.

Becker, a self-described daughter of a die-hard Bison football fan, went to Frisco the first time because of her father wanting to go.

“It’s just super exciting to go to Frisco. I mean how many people get to watch their team play in the national championship?” Becker said.

Becker booked her trip to Frisco in December, before the semifinal game. In years past however, she had purchased tickets when they first went on sale.

“It’s better to have the tickets than not any at all,” Becker said.

Trista Heiser, an alto saxophone in NDSU’s Gold Star Marching Band, has also gone to Frisco every year.

She said her role as a band member is much more different than going as an average fan. GSMB members have more responsibilities.

Heiser said she has played at the pep rally every year, an event which has been held at baseball fields and hockey arenas. The band is tasked with firing the crowd up at these pre-parties, along with smaller gigs before the football game itself.

Eide, Becker and Heiser all said the Frisco community is very welcoming to BisoNation.

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