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Ditch your skinny jeans and opt for a trendy wide-leg trouser.

Sometimes fashion can be overwhelming. Trends are constantly changing, and it can be hard to discern the longer lasting trends compared to the “Kardashian” trends that are often fleeting, uncomfortable and not feasible for day-to-day.

In a social media driven world, our feeds are consumed with oversized lips, unrealistically flattering angles, waist trainers and expensive designer wear, all of which are hidden under dehumanizing facades we like to call filters.

Although society needs fashion influencers like Rihanna and the Kardashians to fuel inspiration and shift trends, the fashion, values and aesthetic of these celebrities is often too avant-garde for the masses.

So how does one stick to the trends without going overboard or potentially breaking the bank? The key is finding high-quality pieces that showcase trends in a subtle way.

“It’s always better to buy high-quality clothes, even when you’re buying trendy pieces,” fashion student Elien Fagly said. “First, you have to make sure that the item is something that you will wear often, like jeans or something that has the potential to be ‘in’ for at least a couple of seasons.”

Newly royal “Suits” actress and California native Meghan Markle is a good place to start for inspiration. Markle’s style is a perfectly brewed combination of Californian chic and British vogue. Markle tends to pair a trendy piece with effortlessly chic hair and flats for a manageably trendy look.

Here are six trendy pieces that are wearable enough to quickly become staples in your autumn and winter wardrobe.

Oversized jackets 

Autumn is all about coziness. What better way to get our comfort on than oversized silhouettes?

Baggy jackets, sweaters and pants hit the runway hard this season, showcasing a knee-length blazer by Calvin Klein and an intricately layered parka by Balenciaga. Although this may seem like an unflattering trend, the key is to pair a bulky jacket with a figure-flattering pair of jeans or trousers.


Although hoops have been hot on the market for some time now, they are still the most affordable and versatile trend of the season.

Any pair in any size will do and can be worn at any type of occasion, whether you’re going casual with jeans and a sweater or you’re going out on the town with a dressier playsuit or smock.

Ditch the skinny jeans

Wide-leg trousers have been hitting the runways for a few seasons now, meaning this trend is in it for the long haul.

Pant silhouettes live within a fashion pendulum, swinging from one silhouette to the next, and right now it is clearly on the wide-legged upswing. If the full-on flare is a bit too daring, try swapping out some of your skinny jeans for an exposed edge with a bootleg jean.

Brown is the new black 

This autumn and winter season is defined by the warm hues of the ’70s. Rich brown hues will be seen everywhere from jackets, shoes and pants to eye shadow palettes.

Swap out your dark gray and black pants for something a little warmer and lighter, and pair it with some fuzzy, millennial pink loafers.

Fuzzy textures

Although this trend may sound like it’s strictly designated for Halloween, fuzzy shoes and jackets are a viable option for any day of the week. Fuzzy jackets, loafers, sandals and booties are a new autumn wardrobe staple this season. Surprisingly easy to wear, this soft and feminine look pairs well with almost any type of jean or legging.

Stores like Ugg, Target, Madewell and Urban Outfitters all have every new and trendy fuzzy item to fulfill your needs to get cozy this fall.

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