Draft Lattes? My Take on Lattes in a Can

Lattes in a can, what a year we live in.

We’ve heard about draft beer, draft cider and even draft kombucha bars, but what about draft lattes? La Colombe Coffee Roasters has been “innovating coffee since ‘94” according to their Instagram page.

You may have noticed that the coffee shops on North Dakota State’s campus have begun stocking the La Colombe draft lattes in their coolers. Upon inspecting the taste of this cold beverage, it is safe to say that if you appreciate a delicious iced latte made without all the extra preservatives and excess water, give one of these a try.

The lattes come in a few different flavors on campus, but my personal favorite is the mocha latte, for obvious reasons (chocolate). One would assume that canning a latte would ruin the frothy texture and require a good shake to ensure your drink hasn’t settled into layers, but with La Colombe, that is not the case.

The special lid allows for the frothy texture to come through and the drink to be sipped instead of chugged once you realize how incredibly refreshing it is. This lovely mocha drink also includes the caffeine equivalent of two and a quarter cups of coffee. All of that in just a 9-ounce can. That’s a lot of caffeine.

When speaking with Lindsey Pouliot, an English major with a minor in women and gender studies, about these draft lattes she said, “They’re nice when I’m running late to class and need a quick latte, or if I want it served cold.” Pouliot is a politics fanatic, and we all know what that means — she is always running late. While “a fresh latte” is always Pouliot’s “go-to,” she will get a canned latte when “in a pinch.”

Like I have said before, caffeine is a necessity when it comes to juggling a busy college schedule, and these draft lattes seem to do the trick. If you are ever running late or simply want to try something new, I highly recommend you try a La Colombe mocha draft latte and skip out on the bottled Starbucks coffee water for the day.

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