Doing It Bison Style

New sex positions can help you explore what you like in the bedroom

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to sex. Whether they are kinky, like it rough, gentle or have a fetish, there are so many ways to spice up the bedroom.

Sometimes people want to learn new sex positions to try out different styles and see what they like, and, honestly, this is the best way to figure out what you like. Exploring your sexual side should not be shamed, but encouraged.

It is OK if you are waiting until marriage, not having sex, having sex with multiple people or having sex with one person, as long as it is consensual between every individual involved. Another important reminder is that safe sex is the best sex.

So, grab your condoms, lube, birth control and whatever you’re into and let’s get into the sheets.

Doggy Style 2.0

If you are someone who likes the classic doggy style position or likes the dominant to submissive aspect of sex, this is the new position you must try. It gives the top more control and the bottom less room to move.

With this position, the dominant person takes a towel, scarf, belt, etc. and wraps it around the bottom’s waist so they are able to control the moment. They take control over any motion.

Back Cracker

Got a sore back? Need to crack your back? Go have sex.

All you have to do is be the bottom, bend your knees and move them to the side so you’re almost laying on your side. This will crack your back in no time, especially with the thrusting motion of the other person on their knees.

Wonder Woman

This is a cross between a wheelbarrow position and a doggy style position. Find a heightened surface (bed, counter, table, couch, etc.) and use it as your platform.

The bottom will be lying down with their arms forward and their legs straightened. The top pulls the bottom toward them. As the bottom keeps their arms forward and legs back straight, they will appear to look like Wonder Woman.

Head Rush

People love the rush of sex because it is so stimulating and gives people the feeling of an explosion inside them. With this position, the top is already getting a head rush before they even finish.

Have the person doing the penetration sitting on the bed and the top climbing on top. With this, it allows some time for foreplay and a less awkward transition into a new position. The top will bend off the bed as the person sitting does the thrusting motion.

*If you are feeling dizzy or you notice your sexual partner’s face becoming too red, do not keep going as blood flow could cause the person to lose consciousness.

Twist and Shout

This is for expert level sexual partners, for those who really want to spice things up. Keep in mind, if this is a new person you are starting to have sex with, the position is difficult to get into and could cause for a miscommunication problem to occur.

As the two of you spoon, slowly interlock your legs with each other so you are intertwined. The big spoon will be the one penetrating, so coordinate accordingly.


If you’re a fan of the classic missionary and tend to like intimacy a little bit more, it can be difficult to delve into your kinky side.

Instead of losing sight of what you enjoy, try having the bottom lift their legs so their feet are on the top’s shoulders. This takes the missionary intimacy to the next level.

Make sure to communicate so no one is enduring any pain during these positions as some require flexibility. Do not let them deter you away from trying. Just modify by adding an extra pillow somewhere so you do not get stuck.

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