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A review of Sandy’s Donuts

Ever since I moved to Fargo I have heard a lot about Sandy’s Donuts, which is a breakfast staple in the community. I have had a Sandy’s donut here or there at random places but this was the first time I went in and chose my donuts. 

I picked out six donuts, some specialty some not, and my total came to $18. I tried to pick an array of flavors and donut types in order to get a full idea of what Sandy’s has to offer. 

Old Fashioned Sour Cream

The Old Fashioned Sour Cream Donut was very mild in flavor and not as sweet as I expected, although it is a donut so do not get me wrong it was sweet. The texture was dense and soft and the donut melted in my mouth. 

I am not the biggest fan of the classic donut but give me an old-fashioned donut or a good cake donut and I will devour it. I would give this donut a 6/10, it was good but I have had better old-fashioned donuts and in general they aren’t anything too fancy. 

Pictured Above: Old Fashioned Sour Cream Photo
Courtesy | Courtney Entzi

Blueberry Cake Donut

The blueberry flavor of this donut was excellent and it was much moister than the old fashioned donut. The donut melted in my mouth and the sugar glaze on top gave the perfect crust for this moist blueberry donut. 

If you like blueberries, definitely get this donut. This donut will get a 7/10, again because it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. 

Pictured Above: Blueberry Cake Donut
Photo Courtesy | Courtney Entzi

Apple Fritter

This ginormous treat may be the best apple fritter I have ever had. The apple taste is so strong, but not in an artificial way. You can truly taste the apple and the beautiful spices that compliment it. With real apple chunks inside, and crispy outside glaze and soft inside, this fritter is a must try. 

Did I mention it’s huge? The fritter took up about a fourth of the donut box and is a perfect treat to share. The Apple Fritter was a 10/10 in my book. 

Pictured Above: Apple Fritter
Photo Courtesy | Courtney Entzi

Cookie Monster

Now that we have gone through the niche donuts let’s get back to the classic donuts we all know and love. Starting with this blue-glazed donut complete with eyes, blue sprinkles and topped with a cookie, The Cookie Monster. 

This donut definitely looks enticing but, overall, I was disappointed. The sprinkles were overpowering and had an almost bitter taste and the cookie on top did little to recover it. I think any kid would happily eat and enjoy this donut but as an adult, the novelty of The Cookie Monster just couldn’t save this donut for me. Cookie Monster gets a 5/10, but it truly is adorable so if you have some little siblings or children in your life this would be a perfect sweet treat to share. 

Pictured Above: Cookie Monster
Photo Courtesy | Courtney Entzi

Pumpkin Cinnamon

If you love pumpkin you will never get enough of this donut. Eating this donut took me straight to a pumpkin patch, wrapped in a sweater and sipping on a warm black coffee. 

The donut is topped with, what I think, is some sort of cream cheese frosting and it hides a delicious layer of sweet pumpkin puree. This donut has the perfect amount of cinnamon and spices and the soft pillow texture of the donut paired with the pumpkin is a combination I did not know I needed. This donut is an 8/10. 

Pictured above: Pumpkin Cinnamon Photo Courtesy | Courtney Entzi

White Long John 

I made an error while picking out my donuts thinking this White Long John would be stuffed with a cream or raspberry filling, it was not. I am not a fan of white frosted donuts without filling so because of that I am giving this donut the benefit of the doubt. Had this donut had a raspberry filling it would have been a 10/10, and you can bet I took a bite imagining there was some.

I will rate this donut a 6/10, again I do not like this kind of donut without filling so take this score with a grain of salt. I do think that it had all the right flavor and texture to be a perfect filled donut and if you like white long johns you probably would rate this donut much higher.  

Pictured Above: White Long John
Photo Courtesy | Courtney Entzi

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