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A review of new coffee shop, Crux Coffee

If you keep an eye on the dozens of new emails you get a day, you may have noticed an announcement of the new coffee shop in St. Paul Newman Center. (Also, a gold star to you for staying up to date on your inbox, I could use some pointers.) Although if you missed out on this email, consider this your reminder, and let me introduce you to a new study spot on campus, Crux Coffee. Crux Coffee is the latest addition for coffee shops and may just be your new go to on campus. I will be giving you a full review on Crux, including food, coffee, and atmosphere. 

Crux Coffee is perfect for students walking to campus and is located on the intersection between University and 12th Ave.
Photo Courtesy | Paige Nordstrom


I am not considered a risk taker when it comes to my coffee selections so my go to stays fairly bland with a mocha or latte. I ordered the milk chocolate mocha and to my surprise it exceeded my expectations, very tasty. Crux may be more of a small place but provides you with a variety of choices, no doubt. If you’re anything like me and appreciate everything fall related, you’ll be excited to know about their fall options. The seasonal drinks that caught my eye were the hot apple cider, the caramel apple latte, and the apple pie latte, which I can assure you I will be back to try. 

Pastries and Food 

I was shocked when I saw there were many different food options to suit whatever craving you may have that day, sweet like a strawberry scone, or salty like a bag of potato chips, you name it and they have it. They provide little rice Krispie snacks as well as other pastries like pumpkin chocolate chip or apple cinnamon muffins.

I tried the apple cinnamon muffin which was fairly decent, and I suggest you ask to get it heated up, especially on the colder days, it’ll really hit the spot. Crux isn’t just for sitting down to grind out some homework and can be a great service to you even if you’re just passing through. Grab and go snacks are here to help fuel you for your busy day and won’t slow you down, as this place has incredibly fast service. 


The atmosphere of Crux Coffee differs from the usual local coffee shop feeling. It’s not its own coffee shop as it is located in St. Paul Newman Center, so most passersby and coffee goers that choose to go here, are already here for Bison Catholic purposes.

My first time at Crux I was shocked at how formal it all felt. It is right next to the lobby which can bring some foot traffic, but this coffee spot is surprisingly one of the calmest and quietest spots I have yet to experience. But giving Crux another shot and coming a second time I felt welcomed and instantly settled in. Given the fact that I didn’t recognize a single face, I shared plenty of smiles and Good Mornings with the people around me.

Crux had plenty of natural lighting for the sun to spill in and a decent amount of seating.
Photo Courtesy | Paige Nordstrom

Whether you already find yourself in this building or come for other reasons, you can make the atmosphere what you want it to be. 

A place to converse with friends while passing through? Crux can be that for you. Cozying up in the corner to get some work done? Crux can be that for you. Maybe you need a spot to kill time in between classes? Crux can be that for you. 

Crux may lack some of the comfortability that other coffee spots have but will nonetheless welcome you with open arms. Happy studying!

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