Column: In Someone Else’s Skin



WIKIMEDIA Photo Courtesy | The British show "Skins" offers intimate looks into the lives and issues of teenagers
WIKIMEDIA Photo Courtesy | The British show ‘Skins’ offers intimate looks into the lives and issues of teenagers.

“Skins (U.K.)” is a British show using comedy and drama to follow the lives of multiple teenagers. The overall show takes place in Bristol, England. Storylines in each season explore heavy topics like mental illness, depression, disorders, dysfunctional families, sexuality, gender, substance abuse, bullying and death. Each episode is set up to cover one character at a time, with each episode named after a specific character.

The writers for “Skins” were mainly around 21 years old at the show’s creation in 2007. They also included multiple teenage consultants. Bryan Elsley and his son, Jamie Brittain, were the masterminds for the 7-season show.

“We’re about letting our audience feel that they are not alone,” Elsley claimed.

He also mentioned production often had scheduling problems because many of the writers for the show needed to be excused due to exams and other important educational events.

Overall, I loved the show. The main cast falls around the same age as us college students, making it relatable for viewers. After a couple of episodes, I started to relate to the characters and feel for them.

Some of the topics explored in the show can be heavy, but it’s truly eye opening. Many shows don’t cover hard topics like sexuality and dysfunctional families. “Skins” really helps people understand what others deal with when something similar is happening to them. Another thing the show does well with is showing who, other than the main character, is affected by one problem.

I think the show does a great job with character information. The way it tells the story is also well scripted.

Something I disliked is how unrealistic it felt. I understand the show is a comedy-drama, but most of the episodes felt like it took place where there were no parents or higher power. This did take place in the United Kingdom where laws are different, but those teens had way too much freedom.

I recommend this show to everyone who is wants a fun time with heartfelt story lines and big plot twists. All the seasons of “Skins (U.K.)” are currently on Netflix.

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