Coffee Review Series: Scooter’s Coffee

Hello, Bison! It has been a minute since I did a coffee review, so here we go! Today, I chose a coffee shop that is not necessarily underground or local, as it is a popular chain coffee shop: Scooter’s. It is, however, still a part of the Fargo/Moorhead coffee scene, so it deserves an article! 

For anyone who has not been to Scooter’s, I will explain the basic concept. Scooter’s is drive-thru only, so customers “scoot” through the drive-thru and get on their way. While I know this takes away from the atmosphere, Scooter’s is known for having incredibly friendly baristas which keeps the atmosphere alive and well.

Scooter’s is an approximate 15-minute drive from campus and requires only a short drive down 12 Avenue North, a right turn onto the interstate going south, then a merge onto 94-West, an exit on Veterans Boulevard going south, and a left turn on 36 Avenue South. Now that you have the precise directions, let’s get into why you should follow them.

When a company is built on its drive-thru, you would imagine that they really can’t survive if they are super slow. Scooter’s will be just fine: it is incredibly speedy with their drink creations. It genuinely amazes me. By the time I reach the window, my drink is done. Even if I’m the only person in line. It takes 30 seconds. I am not kidding. How do they do it? I don’t know! It happens every time! Okay, enough astonishment. 

As I mentioned earlier, Scooter’s makes up for its lack of inside atmosphere in its customer service. Every Scooter’s employee that I have encountered has been incredibly friendly. Exceptionally friendly. They all deserve a raise. They keep their interactions short to keep business moving, but they make the most out of their 30-second interactions. I do not think I get complimented anywhere as much as I do at Scooter’s. They know how to boost a girl’s ego. My hair? Never felt prettier. My steering wheel cover? Never been more stylish. My debit card pattern? Never felt more novel. Go to Scooter’s if you want to feel good about yourself. Wow, I need to stop rambling.

Scooter’s drinks! Their drinks are quite good. They have a wide variety of drinks on their menu, so I have tried quite a few. My personal favorite drink of theirs is an Energy Infusion drink with prickly pear and coconut. I will stand by this beverage until the day I die. It has caffeine, it is sweet, it is fruity; what else could a sweet-toothed girl ask for?

In terms of other drinks, they have a good Vanilla Latte. Their lattes are definitely on the sweeter side, but if you could not already tell, I am a big fan of that. Scooter’s Chai Lattes are also quite good. Not too sweet, not too spicy. A good mix. Their Chai is not as earthy as a lot of other Chais, so if you are looking to feel like a health queen, this is not your place. They are delicious, though. The only drink that I have tried and not liked at Scooter’s is an Earl Grey tea. Maybe tea is not their strong suit. Maybe I am just too picky. The world will never know what the real problem is.

I have not tried any of the food at Scooter’s, but they have a nice variety of breakfast foods. They have muffins, breakfast sandwiches, egg bites, cinnamon rolls, and breakfast burritos. They also have cake bites and cookies, so not necessarily breakfast foods, but also not not breakfast foods. Breakfast can be whatever you want it to be. Their food all looks delectable, although, again, I have not tried any of it myself.

Scooter’s is nothing like most of the coffee shops I have reviewed in the past. It is not small (in numbers, although the shop itself is quite small), it is not local, it is not cozy. One does not go to Scooter’s for the same reasons they go to a cozy local coffee shop. You cannot do homework at Scooter’s. You cannot have a life-altering life storytime session with a friend at Scooter’s. You can, however, enjoy a nice beverage in a short period of time. This is why I recommend Scooter’s. It is convenient and delicious. 

I hope I have convinced someone to try out Scooter’s if they have not already, but I will not take it personally if anyone chooses to stick to their local coffee shop grind. I am a huge fan of local coffee shops myself, but I am also a huge fan of convenience. And, once again, the drinks at Scooter’s aren’t half-bad. Try out Scooter’s in a pinch. Or not a pinch. Just for fun. And of course, don’t forget to tip your barista!

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