Student Health Services

How to maintain health and wellness on campus

As most of you may know, being on campus can be a cesspool of illness. Being crammed into classrooms, shared communal spaces and dorms can leave you susceptible to picking up a bug from someone else. We all get sick when everyone moves back to campus, and when winter rolls around, it’s something that’s learned to be expected. 

Don’t let that get in the way of your college experience for the lovely folks that work for the Student Health Services on campus have got you covered. There are countless goods and services that they provide for us students, and we might as well take advantage of them. 

Most notably, they offer various different medical services. The campus clinic is located on the first floor of the NDSU Wellness Center, and you can be seen for countless different things. Services provided fall under categories like acute care, mental health, preventative care, sexual health and more. 

Additionally, you can make telehealth appointments for specific services like acne management, birth control refills or dietitian intakes and rechecks. There is also a pharmacy that is located on campus, so you have the opportunity to forward your prescriptions there.

SHS also provides countless special events and mini-services to cater to students specifically. One that all NDSU students are required to take part in is something called “We Take a Stand.” This seminar is provided through the Sexual Assault Prevention and Advocacy program on campus. The training serves as a way to educate and inform students about sexual assault on campus and the main goal is to create a safer space for students. As this deals with sensitive topics and graphic content, alternative options are also available to those in need and can be arranged easily. 

Another service that is offered related to the promotion of sexual health is Junk Mail. This service is funded by a federal grant and seeks to deliver safe sex materials and education to students. Students living both on and off-campus have access to this service, and goods can be obtained both in-person and online. After placing your order, you can pick up your package at the SHS front desk or have it mailed directly to you. Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns about your sexual health or need STI testing, you can call the SHS office and book an appointment. 

Lastly, SHS holds annual events that fall under preventative care as a way to keep us students healthy and safe on campus. The most notable one is the Flu Shot Blitz which is hosted in the fall. While this may not be as important to some as it is to others, this event can be very beneficial to students who live on campus, particularly those not from the Fargo-Moorhead area. No need to worry about scheduling an appointment for your flu shot. Just stop by the SHS, and you’re covered. 

It’s important that we maintain a healthy community, and Student Health Services can help in countless ways. They offer a safe place for people to seek care for sensitive issues like sexual assault, mental health and eating disorders. They also offer a convenient location for students who are in need of medical care when it’s needed. It’s important that we keep ourselves healthy and at our best, so take advantage of the care that’s offered!

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