Christian Songs of Gratitude

Some of my favorite worship music that focuses on giving thanks and praise to our Father

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude especially gratitude when it comes to God and all He is. From His Son’s sacrifice for us to His forgiveness and love to His existence alone, there is so much to be grateful for and yet no way for us to express enough of it. With Thanksgiving coming up, I figured I’d give you all a little snippet of my thanksgiving playlist for Thanksgiving.

“Gratitude” by Brandon Lake

This is one of the first Christian songs I heard that truly made my heart feel not only convicted but overcome with gratitude. The realization that even though we can’t earn God’s love He gives it to us so freely fills me with so much joy that I simply can’t express it in any human form. The entirety of this song brings tears to my eyes because it’s just singing over and over how gratitude is the only thing we can give to God because no matter what, we will never be able to show enough for the sacrifice of Jesus and all that followed. I simply can’t pick only one line that I love.

“Adonai” by Chris Renzema

I just went to a Christ Renzema concert and of all the songs that were played, this one had me in tears contemplating God’s mercy and all he’s done in my life and the lives of others. Chris repeats over and over “I’ve got nothing to bring,” and I don’t think there’s any better way of saying this. Our gratitude for God is the greatest thing of all and even that can’t come close to the praise that God deserves. The song ends with the repeated line “Adonai, have mercy on me.” Adonai is the Hebrew word that translates as “Lord.” Asking for God’s mercy on our humanity and belief that we could ever earn or deserve God’s love is exactly what we should all do because once we understand that we can’t earn that love(which is something we will never be able to truly comprehend), our eyes will be opened to the true intensity of God’s love for us.

“Worthy” by Elevation Worship

This song talks about how worthy of our praise God is with the chorus repeating, “Worthy is Your name, Jesus; You deserve the praise.” The ability to praise and worship God for His goodness is something that many of us forget and it is such a simple yet complex way to show God our thanks for everything, the good and the bad.

“King of Kings” by Hillsong Worship

“Praise the Father, praise the Son; Praise the Spirit, three in one; God of glory, Majesty; Praise forever to the King of Kings.” These are the lyrics for the chorus, and their expression of praise is one of simply knowing God and calling Him your Lord. This song focuses on how Jesus fulfilled the prophecies in saving us and the beauty of that salvation singing, “Knowing this was our salvation; Jesus for our sake You died.” The story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection and the gift of God coming down in the flesh to restore humanity is told through the lyrics of this song, and it is honestly one of my favorites.

“Be Praised” by Maverick City Music ft. Naomi Raine and Aaron Moses

The first verse of this song is so good because it focuses on how God’s power and authority over all creation and how He does “all things well.” A lot of this song is praise for God pulling us through the struggles of life and being our constant companion and safety. God deserves praise for His existence alone but reflecting on everything He has done in your life will most definitely bring you to your knees in worship for His goodness. Understanding that being alive is more than enough already yet God throws in the amazing parts of life is such a faith-building realization. When we can pick out the specific parts in our lives when God was so evident is something that will tear down any argument the enemy tries to put in your head. How can one argue against God’s presence when He is doing something in our lives every day as we live out His will?


I am well aware that I repeated myself too many times to count throughout this article, but this just proves that there is no way for us to not recognize the praise God deserves for His goodness. We can repeat our praises for Jesus over and over again, and even though it will never be enough, God loves when we love Him and praise Him.

The more we confess our shortcomings and turn to God, the more our gratitude will grow. Practicing gratitude for God and every blessing He’s given us allows us to grow closer to Him because when we find gratitude for Him in every part of our lives, there is no room for Satan or any of His evil intentions.

As you go through this week, try thinking of 3 things you are grateful for every day, and whether you are Christian or not, I can guarantee life will look a lot more beautiful.

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