Bye Bison: Paige Nordstrom

The time is here: it’s my farewell article to not only the Spectrum but my time spent at NDSU. I can remember exactly how I began writing at the newspaper. One of my professors had mistaken me for already writing for the newspaper. I was flattered and also shocked because I didn’t think I had the skill and reputation to be able to do that. Even though I love to write, it had never occurred to me.

But once I said to him that I did not in fact write for the Spectrum he said I should. That small interaction is exactly what pushed me to apply for a contributing writer in the variety section and kickstart that journey for me. From there, it’s history.

Ironically, the same thing happened when I decided to become a Group Fitness instructor. I attended a Group Fit class, and a friend of mine asked if I taught any classes myself. (Queue the exact same reactions I had before: flattered and shocked.) Again, my friend suggested that I should. So, I did. These impulsive decisions have made me realize the very best parts of college that I want to cherish forever. You may not be able to explain it later on or even realize it at the moment, but every choice you make in college slowly morphs you into the person you’ll become once you move that tassel.

It’s important to mention here that even your BEST decisions in life won’t be easy. Sometimes it was difficult to balance my articles at the Spectrum and class work, but I made it happen. On the flip side, I didn’t pass my instructor exam the first time, so I had to retake it. And that’s ok. The point is, you tried your hardest and followed that ambition. 

I had no intentions of becoming a Group Fitness Instructor, a contributing writer for the school newspaper, a member of PRSSA, a Strategic Communications major with a content/product marketing internship, the Dean’s List every year, etc. Little freshman me entered NDSU undeclared and ready to achieve the bare minimum if we are being honest. But experiencing college for all it has to offer, is truly the best way to go about it.

Yes, get your social time in, go to parties, celebrate your 21st a little too hard, and take naps on naps. But also, get involved with clubs, join a frat/sorority, go to networking events, wellness center intramurals and just try everything you can. 

I have so many people to thank for my time here in North Dakota. I met so many great groups of people who made me smile, professors who pushed me to my potential and my roommates who made college what it was for me. 

For anyone who still has more time at NDSU, take it from me and try new things out for size. Join some clubs, attend school events, be the first to take a new path. And it’s ok to do it by yourself.

College is for plenty of mistakes, accomplishments, slip-ups and lessons; it’s for all of it. Anything goes and the sky’s the limit. My four years here felt like four weeks, and I could swear I was just in Pavek heating up some ramen. (Or maybe that was me at my college house last week? Some things never change.)

Regardless, I am so proud of everything I accomplished at NDSU, and cannot thank the people and university enough that made it truly feel like home.  To all bison and spectrum readers, thank you for grabbing a newspaper each day and catching up with us while considering what we have to say. Signing out for the last time, thank you Bison nation and ROLL HERD.                                       

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