A Review: The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2


I’m about to make a statement that some might not agree with, but that’s simply because you’re wrong: The only team to be on is Team Conrad. Whether you’ve read the books, watched the show, or both, there is no other side to be on, and throughout this review, I will be presenting my research to back up this point.

Season 2 was one for the books. I’m going to be completely honest with you: I don’t remember everything that happened because that’s just how it works when you have the combination of watching an entire season over the duration of a couple months and short-term memory loss; but I will do my best nevertheless to provide as much of a summary as possible.

First off, I have never been a huge fan of the whole basis of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” because–let’s be so for real–the only thing that changed was that Belly no longer had braces and glasses. I don’t know about you guys, but when I got my braces off and didn’t wear my glasses, I pretty much looked the same and nobody noticed me anymore than before, so I think we can slow down on those expectations because we’re about to have some very disappointed middle schoolers if we keep this going.

Next, I think one of the most painful parts of watching this season was the volleyball scenes. Whether it was the running joke with Taylor and Belly hitting everything like a volleyball or that last scene with Belly playing with her team, I was physically ill watching those as a former below average volleyball player. They really know how to mold girls into the stereotypical cheering, uncoordinated athletes that everyone says they are. Excuse my language, but that is exactly what everyone means when they say, “You play like a girl.”

This next point had me both screaming crying laughing and creeped out and that is Jeremiah’s ability to always be lurking around the corner of Belly’s vicinity. Those piercing blue eyes could be found in almost any shot that included Belly, staring deeply into her soul and disturbing anyone with a fear of stalkers. Jeremiah was another level.

Now, before we get into my arguments and explanations regarding Team Conrad, I want to get one thing straight: you are allowed to be any team but Team Belly. This season, I found Belly absolutely unbearable. Not only was she playing with both the boys’ hearts, she has just become selfish and self-centered. Not to be that person, but Belly is a pick me to her core, and she honestly made it so difficult to watch this season.

Moving on to my whole shpeel about Team Conrad.

Let’s kick it off with the most convincing piece of information that I will continue to go back to anytime someone tries to give any sort of argument for Team Jeremiah: Conrad loved Belly before she “turned pretty.” This man was pining after her the entire time, even when she was “ugly” for lack of a better word.

Next, Jeremiah had me cringeing out every 4 seconds and for someone who doesn’t ever get the ick, that is an insane statistic. Backed by the science of watching said scenes with 3 other girls plus the support of most of TikTok, I can vouch that the amount of times I had to cover my face to avoid going through the trauma of watching Jeremiah do basically anything should be illegal. Chat GPT really outdid itself with his lines this season.

Another reason for “Connie baby” coming out on top is his rant and attitude after catching Belly and Jeremiah kissing. I’m sorry, but that was some of the best comedic dialogue ever because I was simply not expecting it. Conrad has always been the macho man who isn’t the best at expressing his emotion, but through sarcasm and scarky comments, he made his thoughts loud and clear.

My last reason for Team Conrad being superior is that Conrad really does just want Belly to be happy no matter what, and even though it killed him inside, he let her be with Jeremiah simply because she is convinced that is what’s best for her and what she really wants–even though we all know how this ends. The end of Season 2–excluding the volleyball scene–was absolutely heartbreaking and made me love Conrad even more.

In conclusion, this season was pretty okay and my opinion on Belly will simply never be swayed because who does she think she is? In all honesty, I really hope both the boys see that they deserve better than her. With that, my review will come to an end and you will all be left to contemplate this season through a new–and better–lense.

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