A Review: Atomic Coffee

This week, I needed a break from the stressful last few weeks of the semester. I thought to myself, “How can I take a break while still being productive?” The answer was clear: I could go to Atomic Coffee. It’s research. The most delicious research I’ve done in a while. 

Atomic Coffee is approximately seven minutes from campus. The drive down is pretty easy, and the parking situation is decent. While it can be hard to find parking in downtown Fargo, you’re bound to find something. You might just have to take a bit of a walk. Atomic Coffee is right in the middle of downtown Fargo on Broadway, and it neighbors a few restaurants and boutiques. Bonus: Broadway Square is kitty-corner to Atomic! Take a walk over and see what wonderful things are happening there! Maybe even go ice skating? Yep. Coffee and ice skating. That’s a plan.

Now that I’ve planned a perfect day for anyone, allow me to elaborate on why Atomic Coffee should be part of said perfect day. Atomic Coffee has an amazing atmosphere. They have tons of seating, including high tops, lower tables, and single-seater couches. This assortment of seating means there is something for everyone. And I mean everyone. There are so many chairs in there.

There is also a meeting room in the back of the store that can be rented out for special events. I have indeed rented this room out, and the Atomic Coffee staff were super easy to work with, making my experience so lovely. The meeting room is also equipped with plenty of seating.

Apart from seating, the inside of Atomic Coffee still has so much to offer. They have art collections all over the walls, some for purchase along with a few fun sculptures as well. Atomic Coffee also has a bulletin board area–although I don’t think it’s actually a bulletin board but simply just a wall–perfect for all of your advertising needs. There is a conveniently placed coffee bar by the checkout counter, stocked with condiments and stir sticks to perfect your food or drink. Atomic Coffee really is optimized for enjoyment. They’ve got everything set up to give you exactly what you need. 

The bathroom situation is the only slightly inconvenient thing about this store, but it really isn’t all that bad. All one would have to do is ask for the key to the bathroom and walk down the hall. Yes, it requires social interaction, but I believe in you. 

Now that I’ve covered the atmosphere, it’s time to talk about the food and drinks at Atomic Coffee. Truthfully, I haven’t tried many food items from Atomic Coffee. It’s the broke college student in me. However, it’s worth mentioning that they have an incredibly wide variety from sandwiches to snacky items like fruit or veggie cups, chia seed pudding, and overnight oats. They also have a bakery stocked with things like muffins and croissants, as well as a few kinds of biscottis. The only food that I have tried is the banana bread which was indeed delicious. It was perfectly moist and sweet. Highly recommend.

The drinks at Atomic Coffee follow suit with their deliciousness. The drink options are virtually endless. There are numerous ways to customize and craft a drink perfectly suited to your taste buds.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of their matcha. The taste is perfect. The color is perfect. Even the texture of their matcha is great. Some matcha can get a little chalky, but Atomic Coffee does not have this problem. I’m not entirely sure what brand they use, but they’re doing something right. I will say their matcha is on the sweeter side, but this just means that there is less of a need for added sweetener.

The lattes at Atomic are equally amazing. Not too bitter, not too sweet. My personal favorite there is a vanilla latte. Simple but something about the way Atomic Coffee does it keeps me coming back for more. I have also tried the chai at Atomic and can confidently say that it is scrumptious. 

I don’t think Atomic Coffee has any downsides, honestly. The atmosphere, location, and product all combine to make a wonderful experience. The baristas are, of course, lovely. Atomic Coffee is a very well-rounded store. I would highly recommend stopping over at Atomic Coffee next time you need a calming place to study or just a little pick-me-up. Try out my coffee and skating idea even, if you’re up for it. And, as always, don’t forget to tip your barista.

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