Fargo Foodie | The College 6,000 Calorie Diet

During finals week everyone either overeats or under eats. When stressing over finals, students should over eat by using the college 6,000-calorie diet instead of denying their stress cravings.

The biggest question is how do you overeat to that extent? It’s quite easy. You just give into your cravings that your stresses are bringing and eat and drink until you cannot walk to your final.

Dozen of donuts from Sandy’s Donuts

Start off with the most fattening breakfast by getting donuts topped off with icing, sprinkles and add in a cream filling.

If you want to forget that you’re a college student with responsibilities, embrace your childhood and get the Blue Monster donut, allowing yourself to live vicariously through Sesame Street.

Dollar Menu at McDonald’s

The dollar menu is perfect for the college student 6,000-calorie diet because there is a menu consisting of $1, $2 and $3 items. If you’re looking to splurge, the Triple Cheeseburger is only $3, or you can get a full Happy Meal for $3. The $1 menu items are also just as fattening, especially if you get more than one.

Grande Pack from Taco Bell

The 12-pack of tacos all to yourself is a total of 2,040 calories, unless you get the supreme pack. Then you can indulge with more calories with a total of 2,280.

Full pizza from Spicy Pie

Don’t just get a normal sized pizza. Instead, upgrade to Spicy Pie’s 18-inch Jumbo Pie. It also gives more grease and many options for toppings to add on calories.

Giant Pixy Stix

At Walmart you can get an 85-piece set of the Giant Pixy Stix rather than the mini ones, meaning you don’t have to limit yourself to only one. This can be your classic dessert for any of the meals and satisfy your sugar craving you so desperately need.


This is perfect for finals week. It will intoxicate you and let you forget your problems, but also add onto your high calorie diet.

Any mixed drink will be sufficient. Add in a 12-pack of soda to the mix and you can meet your caloric intake before you know it.

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