Love and All of Its Edges

“I remember that it hurt. Looking at her hurt.”

This quote from the movie is one of the most raw and honest quotes that has been stated in movie history. It may not be Shakespeare or some Nicholas Sparks bullshit, but it makes you feel something.

It catches the attention of anyone listening. The movie “Stuck in Love” is something of raw and honest emotion. Although the script becomes slightly dry at times and the plot hops from holiday to holiday, it shows each phase of love. Marriage, first love, what was first unwelcomed love, cheating, sex, lying, and pain, but still love.

This causes it to be relatable on so many levels. Throughout the movie they discuss love and the many views that people have on the subject. Are you in love for the first time? Are you out of love forever? Do you despise love because you can’t fathom why anyone would want to put themselves through what you have witnessed to be love?

Love is a topic that is approached in many ways, in many films, and many story lines.

But this plot in particular takes a whole new point of view. Not everyone has a perfect happy ending, and the characters that do, do not reach it without a struggle. This movie revolves around not giving up no matter how rebuffed you or your concept on love has become.

It brings to the viewers attention the fight that comes with love. It isn’t all fairytales, wishful thinking, and magic pixie dust that will bring you to your one true love. There are fights and sex and drugs and lies.

But above all there is the drive to fall into something that you have been waiting to fall into your whole life. There is love; real, raw, emotional, and most likely inept love. It isn’t simple and it probably won’t be all enchanting like it may seem. But it is real and it is raw and it makes you who you are.

So maybe you won’t experience love the way they do in Stuck in Love, but I hope that by some grace of God you do face love someday. And you experience all of its different edges, may they be good or bad. Because something so powerful should be felt by everyone.

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