Singles ready to mingle

Brief reviews of recent single releases

Tame Impala’s fourth LP is set to release Feb. 14.

If there’s one thing all these singles have in common, it’s renewal or change.

All of these songs speak to the hope accompanied by the turning of the calendar to a new year in which we all look to the future for a sense of beginnings.

‘Lost In Yesterday’ by Tame Impala

It’s been a long time since I’ve dabbled in the realm of Tame Impala—since the days of peak Tumblr in the mid-2010s.

Regardless, I was welcomed into the open arms of disco/pop with “Lost In Yesterday” in which it told me to dance, and I did.

This single is a precursor to the upcoming album “The Slow Rush” set to release Feb. 14 along with previous single releases “Borderline”, “It Might Be Time” and “Posthumous Forgiveness.”

The release of these tracks will instill a feeling of nostalgia as well as excitement for what’s to come.

‘Deleter’ by Grouplove

“Deleter” wastes no time in filling your head with classic Grouplove energy which mirrors fans’ anticipation for new music from the beloved indie band.

This is especially true since the group hasn’t released music since their 2017 album, “Big Mess.”

The track speaks to a generation of political activism and feeling disconnected from other generations past and present with the lyrics “It’s the future and I’m braindead / Yeah, I’m destitute, yeah, I feel no roots anymore.”

The rowdy lyrics and fast-paced beat allude to a call to action and a questioning of who we are in society.

‘Happy’ by Oh Wonder

Of these recent releases, “Happy” was my least favorite, but this may be because I can’t relate to it.

Despite my disconnect, I can see this song being relatable for a lot of listeners since it speaks to those who are moving on and letting go of a past love and seeing them with someone new.

According to Atwood Magazine, Oh Wonder’s Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht wrote the piece on the day of his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. He comments “I was feeling pure joy. I saw a picture of her in her wedding dress and I was like, ‘Wow, what a feeling…’.”

‘Eleven’ by Khalid

Khalid continuously releases music that is relatable for all ages with funky beats that you can’t help but groove to.

With his Grammy nomination for Record of the Year with his 2019 album “Talk,” it’s evident that the future is bright for Khalid and he will only continue to grow.

“Eleven” is clouded with 80’s nostalgia in a time of musical revolution.

With the lyrics, “Late at night, eleven, we’re cruisin’ / Lately, I’ve been watchin’ your movements / If I’m the only one that you’re choosin’ / Am I your favorite drug you’ve been usin’?” he shows how infatuation can be fleeting.

“Eleven” is the second single of an upcoming third studio album.

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