Entry Level

Contributing Writers:

Accepting of all majors and standings. Work with a section editor to learn about newspaper writing and learn. Contributing writers can write whenever however if three straight deadlines are hit, a contributing writer becomes a staff writer.x

Staff Writers:

Write for every deadline, so two articles expected twice a week. Staff writers get paid more per article. Staff writers are also considered heavily for section editor positions when those become available, which is usually at the end of semesters.
Get access to campus events and develop your portfolio for photography. Photographers are paid by the size of the photo as well as whether it runs online or in the paper.


Distribution Manager:

Systems Administrator:

Information Systems Intern:


Creative Designer:

Marketing Communications Intern:

Marketing Strategy Intern:



Writing Contributing Writer Staff Writer
<400 words $5.00 $7.00
400-700 $6.00 $8.00
700- 1000 $7.00 $9.00
>1,000 $9.00 $11.50
Front Page Photo $4.50
Inside Page Photo $2.50
Photo Spread (3 or more photos) $7.50
Front Page Graphic $4.50
Inside Page Graphic $2.50
Comics $5.50
Unpaid Articles Unpaid Photos
Press Releases Complied Photos
Articles submitted by Student Government File Photos
Articles submitted by Student Organizations Internet Photos
Event Calendars Submitted photos

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