A Healthy Herd


The New Year brings new resolutions of health and happiness. Each January the Wallman Wellness Center is packed with people working to get in shape, and yet, by the end of February it seems to have thinned to the regular crowd of athletes.

If you’re like me, it feels like there’s not enough time to work out or that other priorities trump the occasional yoga class. And also like me, you may feel as if you don’t know where to start.

Some of this is true – college students are busy and classes do trump exercise. However, the Wellness Center offers many ways for even the busiest college student to get in shape.

The first step to getting fit is finding a workout schedule that works for you. For some, running three times a week is preferable. Other people who don’t like to run (ahem, me) prefer Zumba or yoga classes. These group exercise classes are no additional cost and are offered multiple times throughout the week at different times in an attempt to include every student, no matter their schedule.

If Zumba or yoga don’t float your boat, other group classes are offered — including cardio, kickboxing and cycling classes, and even an Insanity class for the brave souls out there. I have personally attended many of these group exercise classes and know they help make working out fun.

Speaking of fun, everyone who walks into the Wellness Center passes by the rock-climbing wall. Almost two levels tall, the wall might seem intimidating to those who have never tried it before. However, the rock-climbing wall is open to all students, and there is always staff there to help with any questions. The only thing required is to get certified, which is not as bad as it sounds — promise.

Certification classes are offered four times a week at the Wellness Center. The rock wall has different levels of difficulty to the top, for both the experienced rock climber and beginners. Rock climbing requires strength, focus and agility and is a great way to tone your muscles while pushing yourself to get better and climb higher.

It takes 21 days to build a habit. Twenty-one days of going to the gym — not in a row, naturally — will help you form a healthy habit. So whether you choose to run, lift, climb or even dance, the Wellness Center can provide you with the opportunity to make a positive life change. And I, for one, am starting my 21 days right now.

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