You Don’t Know What You Got Until it’s Gone

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Welcome back Bison, did you miss us? Because we missed you. We’re back on campus for another year, better than ever. I thought for this edition, to lighten the emotions of being re-buried by schoolwork and stressed over everything, we take the time to appreciate the things that disappear once we are out of college.

No matter if you just got moved into your dorms and it’s your first year here (welcome by the way, you’re going to love it) or you’re wrapping your head around the fact that you’re graduating in May like me, it’s always a good time to be grateful for what we experience here at NDSU. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 things people say they miss most about college.

1. Doing things that scare you

Embrace feeling out of your comfort zone and know that college is full of mistakes, and it won’t be your last. So, make mistakes now and fail fast. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

2. Going to class

Easier said than done but enjoy your classes. Before you know it, that optional zoom class becomes a not-so-optional 9-5.

3. Appreciating the good professors

You’ll come across the once in a lifetime professor at some point, one who genuinely cares about you. Take the time to pursue that connection, and a more engaging class and a glowing recommendation letter is in your future.

4. Enjoying what campus as to offer

As a student we get so much free stuff that we can’t keep track of it all. Soak it up while you can because $2 dollars to see a movie on campus and a free gym membership will feel like a luxury post-grad.

5. Embrace the awkward stuff

We are not new to this, the awkward ice breakers, desperately searching the room for a group to work with, career fairs, the list goes on and on. Although these moments can be so awkward, they’re painful, be thankful for them. They teach life lessons and believe or not, do actually serve you.

6. Enjoy breaks and a 3-month long summer

After college you won’t get big breaks at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a prolonged spring break, and you can kiss summer breaks goodbye. Embrace them now and consider saving for a trip, you and your friend group deserve it.

7. Enjoy living off ramen

You’re meant to be broke in college; it’s pretty much universally accepted at this point. Embrace it and be grateful that after college stretching 30 dollars to the next paycheck doesn’t work in the real world.

8. Embrace the failures

You may not get the job or internship you wanted. You may fail an exam. You may even feel lost 70 percent of the time. Take it all with a grain of salt, you’re learning! 

9. Enjoy sporting events

You will never be a part of a student section again. The screaming and cheering will never feel this vibrant. Go to the games and lose your voice.

10. Finally, appreciate college for everything it is

You’ll fail. You’ll succeed. You’ll get back up. You’ll celebrate. And you’ll try again. You’ll do all the things surrounded by people doing all the same. Here’s to another year of dreading 8ams and running off coffee you can’t afford.

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