Yes, Nov. 1 is Too Early to Play Christmas Music

It is already November. The snow is falling; the temperatures have dropped and Halloween candy is officially on sale. It is currently the beautiful lull between crazy holidays where our time as students is consumed by midterms, studying before the holiday break at the end of the month and avoiding soggy shoes from the snow that doesn’t quite want to stick around yet.

Normally I love this time of year, but now that I am consistently experiencing holidays through social media and chatter in the Memorial Union, I have slowly begun to despise these three weeks between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

For some reason, the people of America, and Twitter, have decided that since Halloween is over, it is now Christmas. Christmas movies are popping up on snap stories, and the classic Mariah Carey Christmas music can be heard blasting from the football locker room. There is even talk of lights and trees and gifts and elves in the halls of the Union.

I simply don’t understand. What happened to Thanksgiving, a beautiful holiday filled with family and food? What happened to the three weeks of peace before I have to stress about plans for yet another overly capitalized holiday?

The people that insist on listening to holiday Christmas music from Nov. 1 until the New Year are the worst. I’m not saying Christmas music is bad, but it becomes a long two months when you begin celebrating so early. Savor each holiday instead of ignoring it, as if it is seemingly nonexistent.

I asked my roommate why she needs to be watching “The Grinch” already and playing Michael Bublé’s “Christmas” album on repeat, and like many others, she very loudly responded, “I love Christmas.”

I get it. Christmas is great and Mariah has the voice of an angel, but turkeys and cranberries and apple pies are pretty rad as well. Why are you ignoring them?

Twitter is currently flooded with videos of people dancing while dressed as trees, people making jokes about “all I want is you” and a swarm of tweets saying it’s their favorite time of year.

You may believe you are doing a world of good by spreading your holly jolly spirit like you are some kind of Buddy the Elf savior, but you are not. Instead, you are skipping right over all of the traditions that are included in the celebration of Thanksgiving and Veterans Day.

Don’t get me wrong — I will go full force Christmas once Thanksgiving is over. But why do you need to ruin the month of November for so many of us that don’t want to hear all about Christmas yet? Turn your headphones down and slow your roll on the Mariah Carey and Grinch references.

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