Join the fight for humanity in ‘World War Z’

New post-apocalyptic game from Saber Interactive releases April 16

‘World War Z’ shares little with its movie counterpart, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

With the eventual zombie apocalypse coming, as preceded by the spring snow storm last week, Saber Interactive is releasing “World War Z” Tuesday, April 16 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Epic Game Store for PC.

This should help us prepare for one of the scarier versions of zombie invasions created.

Much like the zombies from the 2013 action-thriller starring Brad Pit, the depiction of the zombie apocalypse in “World War Z” is that of large hordes of sprinting people that want to bite and infect you with the mysterious virus ravaging much of the world’s population.

“World War Z” provides four-player cooperative play and massive swarms of dynamic zombies that will do anything to get at their prey. The overall game is focused on quick reaction gameplay with an emphasis on not getting bitten by a zombie.

Exploring parts of the world where the movie did not cover in depth or not at all, “World War Z” the video game features four survivor stories in different locations across the globe.

The locations highlighted are Moscow, Tokyo, Jerusalem and New York. There, you must fight with a group of survivors to reach safety or to see at least one more day of life.

To fight the infected there are six unique classes to play as. These are the Gunslinger, Hellraiser, Slasher, Medic, Fixer and Exterminator. All of these classes are armed with an assortment of guns and items to use, which can be upgraded with more playtime.

While the stories are nice and different classes to upgrade are cool, the real stars of any zombie game (or movie) are the zombies themselves.

The zombies in “World War Z” behave and die in dynamic and amazing ways. As mentioned, the zombies act like physical beings. They will get stuck in hallways and stumble over each other to reach players. They will even clamber on top of each other as they did in the movie, a really cool mechanic they will use if a player is on a higher level than them.

In addition, the zombies are equipped with “advanced gore and dismemberment systems,” according to the game’s website. Basically, the zombies feel good to gun down.

“World War Z” appears to be an exciting addition to the many, many zombie titles on the market.

If you are getting ready for this kind of apocalypse, or currently ready and want to hone your skills, “World War Z” will allow for an exciting and gripping time as you mow down hundreds of zombies.

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