Why you should still wear your mask

Photo courtesy | Patrick Ullmer
This holiday season was mask-filled.

Feelings on safety post-holiday

Covid-19 has affected everyone in Fargo, North Dakota as well as the entirety of the United States. Nearly one year ago, the damaging pandemic forced many safety protocols to be put in place, even at the cost of people’s pride and normality. 

Due to the prevalence of Covid-19 in the country, the World Health Organization recommended that American citizens wear masks over their mouths and nostrils to prevent the spread of germs. Everyone was advised not to touch their mask or face while using it, and to frequently wash their hands with soap, water and cleansing alcohol whenever possible.

The most controversial protocol still followed by the majority is wearing the mask in the first place, which is still often done with protest. Despite this, the mask is more beneficial and needed than given credit for. 

The face mask has been a subject of controversy since its introduction. Online platforms run rampant with both supporters and naysayers. There have been posts, articles, memes and cartoons expressing how useless the mask is. Others have been adamant that it limits a person’s freedoms and self-image.

“Wearing a mask is like using a sheet of cardboard to block a bullet,” a fellow peer expressed, “Maybe we should stop wearing masks so we all get sick, get better and get this over with.”

There have also been supporters of the wearing of masks, expressing its relevance in preventing the spread of respiratory droplets in the air. Another peer expressed, “Please, wear your mask… It will help you prevent others from contracting what you can give to make them sick.”

Whatever your opinion is of the face mask, there are others who have suffered greatly during this pandemic. In a recent discussion with a distant mentor, she elaborated that her family had been forced to cancel family gatherings for both Thanksgiving and Christmas due to too many of their relatives becoming ill.

The pandemic is still as dangerous as it was when it was first discovered in the U.S., perhaps even more dangerous. So long as it is this way, we as a society must adapt to it, even if it is in wearing these masks. 

The mask can hinder you or help you depending solely upon your own attitude. “Quarantine will not destroy our happiness,” a peer expressed in relation to his family in the Christmas and the current state of quarantine. I have no doubts that his positive attitude helped him enjoy his holiday. 

I know people who were angry about the mask mandate and refused to attend events in North Dakota due to their refusal to wear masks; attitude being evident in this example. For my part, I approve and wear the easily removable piece of material that is the mask to protect myself and others at the expense of some pride by showing others we are all in this together. 

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