Why you should litter more often

Trash came from elements of nature, so it should be given right back

John Swanson | Photo Courtesy
There is no need for the continued use of trash cans.

It seems impossible today to walk down the street without finding some sort of litter, and it’s also impossible to type the word “litter” into your search engine without finding numerous pages condemning it and advocating for its end, but suppose leaving litter is actually your gift in disguise to nature and all its inhabitants. 

Let’s be honest with ourselves, everyone litters, even you. We also accept the fact that littering is harmful to the environment but suppose it’s not as harmful as we were initially led to believe and can actually encourage determination, work-life accessibility and a more accurate representation of the world in which we live.

Littering can be a valuable tool in inciting our neighbors and/or others to put some more exercise in their day by picking up whatever candy-wrapper, empty cans or containers we leave lying around in their yard which we plant.

By doing this, we encourage them to get out of their comfort zones and make their place look tidy—this will show that they do care for their appearances. Even some litter on the sidewalk can incite another to pick it up, helping them exercise their back, leg and arm muscles to stay fit by being used while picking up the trash.

The workplace accessibility…okay, I didn’t know what that was when I wrote it down as a helpful outcome of littering. Oops. Hmmm, perhaps by leaving trash in the workplace, you can slide upon it like a banana peel to get to where you need to go? Who needs rollerblades, which I am surprised are still in use, when you have an empty Hershey’s candy wrapper lying around which will always be in use?

Last, but certainly not least (perhaps the most important in my opinion, which is what you’re here for), leaving litter around will definitely show others what kind of world we live in: a trashy one. 

Whether or not you pick up and discard litter, there will always be someone who leaves it lying around to be picked up. By their carelessness, they show the kind of person they are and will help you determine which person you are: one who tolerates garbage or who does not. If you join them in littering, you may help other people realize their true nature in this environment within the short term of the long run (okay, that sounded more psychologically cool in my head).

In conclusion, April Fools. Please pay no attention to all the above (though some probably will, oops). I pick up litter in my normal daily work and I believe more people should, period.

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