Who Needs Sunlight, Anyway?

BAGO GAMES Flickr.com | Eight strangers are connected for an unknown reason in Netflix’s original series, “Sense8”
BAGO GAMES Flickr.com | Eight strangers are connected for an unknown reason in Netflix’s original series, “Sense8.”

‘Tis the season to sit back, relax and watch over four hours of your favorite shows. But if you’ve already seen every episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” (multiple times) or finished crying over “Gilmore Girls” (again, multiple times) it can be difficult to find the perfect show.

Here’s a list of the best shows currently on Netflix to keep you distracted from life’s responsibilities, at least until January.

“Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”

What do you get when you combine a crime drama and a sassy Australian detective? Set in Australia in the Roaring ’20s, “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” is perfect for any fan of Sherlock, mysteries or humor.

With a nose for trouble and a love of mystery, Miss Phryne Fisher sets up shop as a freelance detective in Australia. With a little help from her ragtag group of companions, including a shy maid, an awkward deputy, surly detective and humorous butler, Miss Fisher solves the most difficult and convoluted cases she finds.

Whether it’s going undercover at a circus, solving an ages-old Italian family feud or following buried treasure, Miss Fisher will follow any lead to solve the case. “Miss Fisher” is a well-written and interesting series that will keep you on your toes.


Netflix’s hit original series is definitely something to pick up this holiday season, especially with the second installment premiering Dec. 23.

Eight strangers from around the world are inexplicably linked together telepathically. As they navigate their new-found abilities, they must battle with their own troubles and help each other through their unique talents while trying their best not to interfere with each other’s lives. Trouble brews when a dangerous man determined to destroy other Sense8’s steps on to the scene.

While this show is mainly science fiction, what’s more interesting is the separate lives each character has. Each character has an interesting, complicated life and their own separate set of problems. The character development alone is enough to keep you interested, if the storyline itself doesn’t accomplish the task.


Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein star in this IFC comedy comprised of compiled skits. The two bring to life the weirdness of Portland, Oregon, using a cast of unique characters and weird places.

Each episode features a different set of stories, not necessarily connected to each other, and that don’t necessarily have a set plot to them either. Viewers can expect some recurring characters (including feminist bookstore owners Candace and Toni) and celebrity cameos from Jeff Goldblum, Jason Sudeikis, Aubrey Plaza and more.

One thing is for sure; “Portlandia” is a whole bunch of weird you just can’t get enough of.

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

“I was working a hard New York job making dough but it made me blue. One day I was crying a lot and so I decided to move to West Covina, California.”

The opening credits pretty much explain it. The CWs “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” follows Rebecca, a smart lawyer with a slew of mental and emotional problems. When Rebecca runs into her ex-boyfriend Josh, she decides to move to California to overcome years of dissatisfaction and potentially rekindle their romance.

Things aren’t as easy as they seem, however. Josh has a girlfriend and people are beginning to question Rebecca’s appearance in West Covina. Rebecca herself must question her feelings for Josh. Hilarity ensues as Rebecca stumbles through California life and her own misadventures.

All shows mentioned in this article are available on Netflix.

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