Who is the Fargo Force?

The Fargo community is home to more than just NDSU sports. It may be a surprise to some, but NDSU does not have any hockey teams apart from clubs. Similar universities, like the University of North Dakota, are well-known for their hockey team. Instead, the Fargo community has the Fargo Force. The Force plays at tier I in junior hockey in the United States Hockey League. Junior hockey is limited to 16–21-year-olds.

The Force has started this year off the back of a dominant season last year. They won the Anderson Cup by topping the Western Conference in the 2022-2023 season. Additionally, they won the national championship in 2018.

So far this season, they have continued this winning streak. The Force have remained undefeated through their first four games, the highest winning percentage in the division. The Western Division, which they are a part of, is one of two divisions in the Tier I hockey scene. There are eight members, which are located primarily in the Midwest.

The team is comprised of players from around the globe. The roster includes many players from Slovakia, Finland and Canada.

The Force is a relatively new team to the Fargo community. The team was formed in 2008, replacing the former Fargo-Moorhead Jets, another junior hockey team.

The Scheels Arena, located in southwest Fargo, is where the Force calls home. The building does host other events, but it is most well-known for hosting the Force.

The Fargo Force is well known for its unique deals that they hold throughout the season. Upcoming highlights include a $3 night, Nov. 3, where most of everything is $3, and a Barbie ladies’ night, Nov. 10, where wearing pink gives a free drink and other drink specials.

The Fargo Force plays regularly, about twice a week, during their season, which goes from September to April. In their next upcoming game, they will face off against Ceder Rapids RoughRiders on Friday, October 13.

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