What is Success?

A Poem by NDSU Student Autumn Kranz

Is it Michael Kors on a pantsuit as you click down the hall; Or a Minnetonka lake house standing 60 feet tall?

Is it champagne and caviar on Wednesday night; Or knowing you have enough money to fight?

Would you make other’s green as you swipe your amex; Or do you think it would be more complex?

What if success is more than money and clout- Maybe it’s small wins we don’t talk about? 

What if it’s finding a new restaurant to share; Or finishing a book that’s a 5, so rare?

Is it the catch before you fall on a patch of ice; Or not being told the same thing twice?

Is it the swirl in a perfect cup of coffee; Or handling life when it’s so sloppy?

What if success is a Golden Mean that we must work to balance between.

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