What are you doing this summer?

Start Your Planning Now

First and foremost, a big congrats to all of us! Over halfway through semester two and the end is in sight!
Around this time, we start to daydream about summer plans – what we’ll do, who we’ll see, how tan will we’ll get, whether is it possible to spend every single weekend at the lake, and how many drives with the windows down and the radio blaring can we fit in before the snow makes its grand reappearance?

For some of us, it may seem as if freedom is near – we could be graduating and planning what life will look like once we leave school, or else looking forward to vacations, lake time, family and friends, picking up more shifts at work or even the start of a new job.

Whatever our plans may be, the upcoming summer could be more than a bit overwhelming in some cases.

Internships and jobs, friends and family, concerts, family events, summer classes, travel plans, and so much else to squeeze into a measly three months. Life moves pretty fast, and trying to figure it all out before the end of finals week can be daunting, or even impossible.

My first piece of advice to those stressing about it is just to relax. Summer is supposed to be carefree, and there’s no sense in sweating it before it gets here. Enjoy these last two months on campus and take it all one step at a time.

I am looking forward to a warm, snow free summer.
Photo Credit | Katie Leier

Start your planning with what is most important. Is it working? Time with family? Is a big vacation coming up? Make that your number one, and go from there, working down the list of what you want to do and prioritize. Everything will fall into place.

In addition, as we start to register for classes for fall, be sure to check with your advisor about your requirements going into a new school year. They can also give you a rough estimate for graduation, and if necessary, offer advice on summer classes. Picking up a few credits over the summer can make early graduation possible if that is what you are looking for, so be sure to register for those, as well. These courses are often offered online, so no matter what your plans are or wherever you may be, you still have some flexibility.

If a summer job is what you’re looking for, check out Handshake webpage through NDSU. They can sort out jobs that may align with your major or else offer other opportunities both on and off campus. This can include internships, part-time and full-time employment, and student jobs.

I know many of us are itching to head out to the lake, no matter what our main summer goals are. Or perhaps your only goal is to spend as much time at the lake as possible. Fishing, swimming, grilling, bonfires, and everything else one can do to “get away from it all” for a weekend or even an extended stay. It can safely be said that “getting away” from the typical scenery and routines we fall in during the week can be healing in itself. What better place to recharge your batteries than out by the water?

Your summer may be already planned out, or all you expect to do is relax for three months without a care in the world. If so, congratulations! We wish you the best, most relaxing summer before fall classes start up yet again!

Like many of you, I’m focused on working this summer, but I’m also trying something new by taking a couple of summer classes online. I have a family wedding to attend, as well as plans to catch up with friends and family. It will be a different sort of summer than my usual work/relaxation routine, but all I want is for the weather to warm up, and that will drastically improve any situation I come across while balancing life out.

No matter what you’re looking for this summer, the most important thing is to plan time to relax. That’s what summer is for, anyway! If you’re a native Midwesterner, this is the time to soak up some rays and wear all the shorts and sandals you want. Catch up on some much-needed sleep, or else stay up all night and don’t worry about missing class the next morning. It’s your summer, after all.

But before we can take off with our big plans, we need to remember to work hard above all else. We still have several weeks left before bidding class goodbye for the semester, and we need to finish strong. Be proud of your work and leave no room for regrets.

Plan your course of action, prioritize the most important pieces, and keep moving forward. We got this.

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