Video Games releasing this April

All the big video games you can buy this month

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Time to live out your baseball dreams this April

March 2021 has come and gone; April has begun. With a new month comes a whole new slate of video game releases.

While April is a slower month for video games there are still some notable titles that are hitting store shelves. All of these dates are subject to change.

MLB The Show 21

The next game in the popular ‘MLB The Show” series is set to release on April 20th. Players will be able to take control of their favorite team and attempt to win big.

‘MLB The Show 21” will be the first title that is not a PlayStation exclusive, it is set to release on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S along with PlayStation 4 and 5. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get to play ‘MLB The Show 21’ on the day it releases at no extra cost.

Not only is it the first time it will launch on an Xbox console, but it will also be considerably cheaper to play on Xbox than PlayStation. This is a huge move and will no doubt make baseball fans on Xbox very happy.


A series first for the Total War franchise, one of the first titles in the series is receiving a remaster. The original title, which was released in 2004, will be fully remastered with 4K graphics along with many quality-of-life improvements.

The game will also include every expansion that the original game received. Owners of the original ‘Rome: Total War” can purchase the remaster at half price until May 31.

The remaster is set for an April 29th release on PC, Mac, and Linux.

New Pokémon Snap

After years of waiting Pokémon fans are finally getting a new ‘Pokémon Snap’ for Nintendo Switch. The original ‘Pokémon Snap’ came out back in 1999 for Nintendo 64 and fans have been clamoring for a new title in the series since.

The game is pretty simple, you sit in a cart and take pictures of Pokémon. The better the picture the better the score. It seems like it would be a pretty boring game but fans of the original will tell you just how amazing it was.

“New Pokémon Snap” will feature many different Pokémon from many different generations and will surely be a delight for any Pokémon fan. It is scheduled for an April 30th release.

Terminator Resistance Enhanced

In 2019 Terminator fans were treated with the surprising ‘Terminator Resistance.’ Although it wasn’t groundbreaking and the reception around it was fairly mixed it did offer Terminator fans the thrill of fighting in the war of the machines.

Now in 2021, a new enhanced version of the game is releasing for PlayStation 5. The game will boast 4K resolutions at 60 fps with faster loading and better lighting among other improvements.

If you already played the game once there may not be enough here to come back to it but if you haven’t touched it, yet this may be the best time. It is set to release on April 30th.


The next big PlayStation 5 exclusive is set to release this April. It plunges you into the shoes of Selene, an astronaut who crash-landed on a shape-shifting world. You must navigate this treacherous planet to try and escape.

If you die the game starts all over again, but different. You will start back at the beginning, but you’ll have new toys at your disposal making no two lives the same.

The game is set for an April 30th release.

This month is a relatively slow month for big new releases, which will help your bank account. It will give you a chance to catch up on your backlog while keeping an eye on these releases to see if any blow you away. Next month promises to be much bigger so start saving your money now.

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