Video games from ten years ago

It’s hard to believe these classics that shaped your childhood came out in 2011, ten years ago.

You run home from the bus, throwing your book bag down and boot up your XBOX 360. Your parents had given you the money to buy the hottest new game that was just released. As it loads, you hear Gregorian chanting and get excited. That’s right, it’s 2011, and Skyrim was released for the first time. There are plenty of games that made us who we are, and that’s just one of them.

Skyrim is almost 10 years old, and yet Bethesda is still re-releasing new versions of the game. It had everything you could hope for: dragons, magic and exploration. A lot of kids felt that way because if it hadn’t been so successful then, it wouldn’t be on every platform there is. Nowadays, the game can be modded beyond belief to make the user experience whatever they want it to be.

Skyrim isn’t the only nostalgic game that is 10 years old this year. Minecraft was also released in 2011, and it is the second most popular game ever sold, only being beat by Tetris. The game itself is simple, but every gamer has memories of goofing around with friends or watching YouTube videos late at night when you were supposed to be asleep.

Everyone who’s played knows the feeling of blowing up an entire village back when villages didn’t add anything to the game, or how it felt that first time you successfully made a Redstone contraption, even with the help of about a million tutorials.

Now, the game is popular with a new generation of gamers as well as older ones. Even though the game has so many new features, you won’t forget the memories you made.

Another very sarcastic game came out in 2011 that seems to have affected everyone’s sense of humor — Portal 2. In an attempt to avoid being Wheatley we all became GLaDOS. You could play the co-op with a friend and spend hours getting yourselves into infinite portals or throwing companion cubes at each other. It was a great way to spend summer.

The puzzles were hard enough to make you stop and think, but not so hard you couldn’t figure them out. Everyone who plays the game develops the same dry, sarcastic sense of humor, and it really shows in this generation.

Hopefully, the new kids on the block will learn to love these games just as much as the older generations have.

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