Video Game Review: “I Commissioned Some Bees 0”

My life has been taken over by digital bees.

I am, unfortunately, the sort of person who has a perspective on life that is “all or nothing.” When I find a new thing and I like it, it becomes my sole focus in life.

If I find a new song that I like, I will ONLY listen to that song. If I discover a new food that I enjoy, I will eat that food for every meal I can. Similarly, if I stumble upon an intriguing and fun video game, I will do nothing with my time except play my new favorite game.

Recently, the final option is the most applicable to my life. Though not necessarily a “new” game, it is new to me(and perhaps you, dear reader), and it has taken over my life, for better or worse. This game is “I Commissioned Some Bees.” 

Created by indie developer Follow the Fun, it is part of a surprisingly extensive series that the developer has created. This series essentially follows the premise of “Where’s Waldo?” as the player must search for hidden objects(in this case bees) in various pieces of art that the developer has commissioned from artists for this game.

There are an incredible number of these games with a variety of animals including the aforementioned bees as well as cats, bunnies, pigeons, frogs, and more. 

However, Follow the Fun’s “I Commissioned Some Bees 0” is free on Steam and, despite being free, has the same quality and content as the paid versions of the game. 

“I Commissioned Some Bees 0” (as well as the following games in the series) has over 1,000 bees that the player can find in addition to a variety of other bee-related objects hidden in the artwork. 

Speaking of the artwork, it really is quite pretty. There are a variety of styles and scenes to find bees in, and anyone who plays these games will surely fall in love with at least one piece.

“I Commissioned Some Bees 0” is available for free on Steam. All others range from $1.99 to $3.99.

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