Valentines Day Reflection

Is it a Holiday Worth Celebrating?

What is to love when it comes to Valentine’s day? Does it live up to the hype? I certainly didn’t think much of it, other than when it came to the sharing of delicious valentine’s snacks. Is it love or does it just taste like a cherry-flavored heart lollipop? From my experience, Valentine’s Day has been in existence to inform us that we all deserve love. The real question is, does this holiday represent everyone, and why even have it be a holiday?

Valentine’s Day, like other holidays that are well-known in our corner of the world, it’s more like a feel-good vibe. What if you have no reason to celebrate it unless you’re gifting yourself? The holiday itself is meant to celebrate romantic love, friendships, and even admiration. The holiday stems from a catholic priest based in Rome Italy during the Roman Empire named, you guessed it, St Valentine.

Many Roman soldiers, largely Valentine himself, were converting to Christianity. This is the part where I get skeptical about the holiday. Love could mean different things to anybody, but it can also be fake.

I’ve witnessed a lot of what I thought was fake Christian love within places and groups of religious origin. In some places it bleeds out into different settings. Romantic love or things that are related to such love are a big part of that fakeness. Love in general is where the interaction where someone is valued even without them being present or the idealization in some context on why one is loved. Interestingly in Christian environments, this extends into romantic relationships. Such relationships involve love through attraction or what one sees on the outside.

The thing that makes the romantic relationship is when it ends, it ends. This has been what most interactions I’ve encountered in these settings. Most of the time assumptions are made based on illusions of somebody or something, and the same is said about romantic relationships.

Eventually, I would have to acknowledge what was making me feel good and that there is a context within such surroundings. Through this, I would discover some valuable skills, such as observing. Once I gained the ability to read the room and see through what was making me feel good. While a Valentine’s party or romantic relationship may be short-lived, so can be the freshness of the hype of what may be a romantic relationship.

The holiday from experience has just been celebrated in the form of a fun time, where candy and cards, but love was only presented in this way, which made the holiday seem somewhat enjoyable.

That being said, is it all out of love or was it a short lived romance? This is a question I struggle with as the reason I enjoy Valentine’s Day was the festivities. I used to enjoy the holidays I knew I had a reason to enjoy.

But in the making of this article, it occurred to me why this particular holiday when it comes to love in general? Does it have to be a Valentine’s type of thing or can it just be uniquely spontaneous? Yes, that may mean different things, but what this day may mean for two, may not be the case for one.

If it’s expected to be one size fits, where the belief of the holiday should resonate with everyone, as it does with romantic partners. Then I’d be thrilled to just enjoy the party with the snacks that come with it, as that may be the only thing that’s real in that kind of connection.

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