Reasons to stay over spring break

Relax at home and save money

People are desperate to have a semblance of normalcy back amidst the ongoing pandemic, and spring break is looking like the perfect opportunity to do so. Having a vacation now that Covid cases are seeming to be lowering, as well as mask mandates starting to relax, seems like the natural thing to do. In these next few weeks, tourist traps, such as beaches, are bound to be booming.

Unfortunately for everyone gas prices are on the rise, which affects airfare. Right now, gas is slowly inching towards $4 a gallon and will likely continue to increase due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Flight tickets are also very expensive, especially because of the anticipation of college students waiting to flood the airports.

Simple supply and demand are to blame, but are you willing to put up with the insane prices that come with it? Alongside that, are you willing to risk traveling in cramped spaces to areas that are going to be packed with potential disease-carrying individuals? After traveling back from those Covid breeding grounds, cases on campus are bound to spike again.

I understand wanting to leave North Dakota; I really do. I was born and raised here and would love to get away, even if for a little while. However, even with my two doses of Pfizer and my booster shot, I am hesitant to vacation. I do not want to be the reason someone at high risk in my inner circle gets the virus.

I am not here to stop you from having your college experience, but instead, will offer some alternative options. Fargo has quite a bit to offer, especially if it is just for a week. In my opinion, these options are just as fulfilling, especially if you are on a budget.

This upcoming weekend, March 11-12, is the Unglued Craft Fest. This will take place at West Acres Mall and is free to attend. Over 45 vendors will be showcasing and selling their crafts.

Downtown Fargo is a fun place to visit as well. From ice skating in Broadway Square to shopping in cute little boutiques and trying a wide variety of different foods. Some of my favorites are The Red Raven Espresso Parlor and Black Coffee; there is a lot to do. The Plains Art Museum is also in the area, as well as the Fargo Theater.

Sure, staying on campus will also cost you money, but it will likely be less than you would have spent on a roundtrip stay in Miami. If I can offer any advice, it would be to stay home and save your money. With everything going on in the world at the moment, it might just be better to wait a bit longer so you can go on an even better adventure in the future.

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