Understanding How and Why Illuminists Deceive People

Illuminists are trying to manipulate you into serving their agenda, regardless if you realize this.

They do this by using a secret language that consists of a combination of slang, symbols, gestures, allegory and numerical codes. I do not claim to be fluent in it, but I know enough that I can recognize it.

Their language is hidden in plain sight all throughout the media. If you gain even a basic understanding of it, you will be shocked when realize how prevalent it is. This religion has more influence than people realize.

Illuminists present the public with a whitewashed version of their religion. But if you speak their language, it is apparent that they are lying to people.

They lie for a good reason because what they stand for is abhorrent. No reasonable person would ever go along with this religion if they knew what it represented.

They stand for a lot of controversial things, but there are two secrets they are particularly protective of.

Their first secret is that they practice sex magick, wherein one embraces sexuality in a ritualistic manner (note that “magick” has a k at the end to distinguish it from stage magic). They do this both as a way of becoming “illuminated” and to cast spells that manipulate their surroundings.

I could not make this stuff up even if I wanted to; they actually believe this.

You can find manuals on how to perform sex magick online, but as a warning: it is some of the most depraved stuff I have ever heard of. I understand why they want to keep it a secret.

Their other secret is that they are Satanic. They literally revere Satan as a spiritual entity who holds the secrets towards turning humans into gods.

It should come as no surprise that they have a hatred for Christians, or anybody that strives towards living in an ethical manner.

You need to understand that the Illuminist language contains many ambiguous terms. This allows them to promote these controversial beliefs while claiming that they mean something else.

For instance, one of the most influential Illuminist publications of the past century was Aleister Crowley’s 1924 book “Magick in Theory and Practice.” This book has a chapter explaining how to perform ritualistic human and animal sacrifices.

However, it is worded in such a way where it could potentially mean something else. They always fall back on this justification whenever people call them out on their questionable beliefs.

Another method of deception is that they like operating in secret societies, some of the more famous ones being: Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Freemasonry, Church of Satan, Ordo Templi Orientis, Argenteum Astrum, Illuminates of Thanateros and Temple of Set.

These organizations openly admit they withhold information about their beliefs from their own members, so you cannot take the things they say to the public at face value. If you speak their secret language, it is obvious they are different denominations of the same religion.

I know that everything I said sounds ridiculous, and you have the right (and even the responsibility) to be skeptical. But if you read enough occult literature, as I have, you will realize the merit of this religion.

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  1. What do you think Kama Sutra is? If we humans didn’t experiment with sex, we’d all be Neanderthals. It is key to our evolution, and you my friend, are a stuck soul and you are a conspiracy theorist who does not get it. I don’t know if you go to church, or you’re an atheist, but either way, you’re naive. Read Book of the Law. There’s reason Crowley was revered by the Westerners who knew better than to believe he was just wicked. You sound ridiculous and uneducated in this post. Go become a Freemason before you waste all your time on the Internet. Seeing is believing. Doing is everything.

    1. To anybody who is unfamiliar with Illuminism, Anderson’s comment is a great example of the kind of rhetoric that is commonly seen in occult literature. There are 4 primary points to take away from it:

      1.) Illuminism is characterized by black and white thinking. Illuminists literally see themselves as gods, and everyone else as a lower life form. Some believe in this so strongly that they think they are above morality, and have the right to treat everyone else however they want.

      You will notice that Anderson insulted me by calling me naïve, ridiculous and uneducated. Just as a warning to those who have any interest in Illuminism: the insults will never stop until you conform to their ways.

      2.) Illuminists are solipsists, meaning that they think reality exists only within our own subjective perceptions. They have a lot of philosophical reasons why they think we should be this way, but ultimately I see it as a form of brainwashing. This solipsist attitude effectively means that you are not allowed to have a definitive opinion on anything. The moment you form any sort of opinion (especially on issues concerning morality), you revert back to subhuman status in their eyes and are subjected to more insults.

      So when you read about how their prophet Aleister Crowley bragged about performing 150 human sacrifices every year, you are not allowed to demonstrate any moral opposition. It sounds ridiculous that anyone would ever condone this kind of behavior, but they really do break people down to the point where they lose all sense of morality.

      3.) Illuminists have bizarre axiomatic principles that you are required to accept as the truth. These principles are slowly revealed to you as you get indoctrinated into their religion. Most Illuminists are too indoctrinated to realize that this contradicts their supposedly solipsist worldview. Basically, the Illuminist religion is characterized by this attitude where you are required to question everything and believe nothing…except for what you are told to believe.

      You will notice that Anderson promoted Crowley’s “Book of the Law” as the truth. I have read it and it is just a bunch of nonsense designed to confuse impressionable followers. But for some reason it is unquestionably considered a sacred Illuminist text.

      If you get involved with Illuminism, there will always be somebody above you who is slowly introducing you to more and more ridiculous methods of becoming “illuminiated.” Much of it is sexual and degrading in nature. Personally, I think it is an elaborate method of sexually abusing people.

      Remember, you are not allowed to question anything until you try it (notice Anderson’s comment, “Seeing is believing. Doing is everything”). So when they suggest that you do something sexually degrading in order to become illuminated, you have to try it. If you do not, you are expressing a definitive opinion and get insulted. When this inevitably does not make you illuminated, they will “suggest” that you try something even more degrading and offensive.

      Crowley’s Illuminist organization “Ordo Templi Orientis” is a perfect example of this indoctrination. You will dedicate years of your life to the OTO to reach the sacred rank of “XI°,” wherein you become a “true member.” What it really means is that you get ritualistically sodomized in a degrading manner. Any reasonable person could see this organization for what it really is: an abusive cult.

      4.) Freemasonry is definitely an Illuminist organization that promotes sex magick. Whenever a masonic lodge addresses the public, they will adamantly deny that Freemasonry is a religion. They will insist that it is nothing more than a fraternal social organization. This is nonsense.

      Freemasonry is constantly referenced in occult literature, by people such as Anderson. This, coupled with the fact that Freemasons use the same secret language as every other Illuminist, is proof that they are intentionally deceiving people.

  2. Actually, it’s proof that illuminism as you call it, which I really like by the way, is a hidden doctrine that goes back to the beginning of man. You can do whatever you want in your life and I only sounded mean because your blog post is grossly confused.

    I have not participated in any sex rituals except what I experience with my wife. Sex is the root of what it means to be human, and the Holy Church is the one doing the abuse.

    Most of Crowley’s writing is beautiful, because he was a learned man who wasn’t afraid to go against the social norm. Think about how rare that is. Usually, the more you’re indoctrinated by a University, the weaker your imagination becomes. He was a rare case where his poetry came into contact with his bookishness.

    I don’t mind that you don’t understand, that’s your life and I regret calling you names. I don’t care what you believe in, whether it’s your brain, or a God or many gods. What I do care about are people who stay at home, drinking six packs or smoking their dope, while being served a huge dose of mind numbing media. If anything, “illuminism” is just a rejection of pre-imposed social norms, which you seem to have a lot of faith in. And for that, I salute you.

    I don’t know about XI rituals as butt-sex. But perhaps it’s an initiation right that someone chooses IF they want to be sodomized. Crowley, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Sun RA and many more delivered the message of the Book of the Law which is ONLY this (the rest of the book is poetic mastubation and Crowley himself didn’t take it as seriously as some of his followers do) DO WHAT THOU WILT. That’s it. Besides LIVE UNDER WILL. That’s also important. Such a basic tenet is looked at with disdain by the illuminated elite because they don’t want you to have your own power. They would rather see you humbly giving ten percent of your wealth to the offering plate. It’s a great system that has worked for years.

    I know this is an opinion column, but if I was the dean of academics, I would be embarrassed that this opinion bears the school name from which I am supposed to be a leader.

    Please everyone, don’t listen to me or this guy. Think for yourself and stop listening to paranoid lunatics who want the locus of control to exist among the elite only. Hillary Clinton and the rest of the B Group know the importance of ritual. They perform the Cremation of Care at every camp so that CEOs do not have to deal with that annoyance they call a conscience. The elite are literally using the craft to erase their concern about you. And this guy wants you to believe that if you are interested in Crowley or any part of the occult, means you’re under the elite’s spell, when reality it’s the opposite. We are by default under their pyramid of power (see the back of the dollar bill) and the they know that the only thing that keeps this world somewhat afloat is the possibility for others to be illuminated as well. The thing is, when you’re rich, you don’t get it. So the elite have knowledge, have power, have to some degree, illumination, but they have lost their souls and this become hungry “demons.”

    The only way out of being attacked by hungry demons is to learn what the demons are using and use it against them by empowering yourself. You can think I’m crazy if you want, or you can take sides with Mr. Because, but remember that all of this is on you. And life is short. Namaste.

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