Uncover the Hidden, Treasured Artists

Today, all anyone seems to listen to is the Top 40 songs that are played and replayed on the same radio stations that used to play Katy Perry and Robin Thicke on repeat.

I’m not saying they aren’t great artists, but is this really what we want to be remembered by — party music and soulless verses?

There is a whole other world out there, music with a soul and a heartbeat that isn’t all synchronized noise. Music that you can feel touching your bones.

Now, I’m not trying to rag on rave music and the hip-hop heard at house parties. I’m simply saying there is so much more out there that doesn’t get heard.

Artists that are relatable. Songs that can make you so sad that it actually hurts after the first seven seconds. Music that makes you so happy that you want to cry by the time the chorus begins.

Mainstream music isn’t bad and shouldn’t be listened to, but if this music is all basically conceived through the same idea of conforming to fame, then is it really all that great?

Shouldn’t people want to listen to music that is relatable when they didn’t even know that they needed to be related to?

Artists like Banks, London Grammar, Hozier, Alessia Cara and Haley Reinhart need more appreciation for doing what they do. The raw emotion that goes into these artists’ music has an eerie resemblance to some sort of voodoo.

They create a connection to the song that isn’t heard in any mainstream song. The break in a singer’s voice on a certain note or the goose bumps that are sent down your spine create a whole new meaning to the music that you are listening to.

While it’s nice to be able to turn on the radio and sing to your heart’s content without having to even think about the lyrics, challenge yourself with deeper, more meaningful music.

Someday, when you aren’t quite sure what you want or what you are feeling, I would suggest cranking up Spotify and listening to these songs.

Search until you find exactly what you need.

“Undone,” Haley Reinhart

“Here,” Alessia Cara

“From Eden,” Hozier

“Lost Boy,” Ruth B

“I Don’t Wanna Grow Up,” Bebe Rexha

“Under the Table,” Banks

“Wasting My Young Years,” London Grammar

“No Diggity,” Chet Faker

“Electric Love,” BORNS

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