Umergency on Campus

One in four college students will end up in the emergency room during their college career, and their parents worry.

Umergency was partially founded by Gail Schenbaum, who created the app as a quick way for parents and their college students to stay in contact and ensure safety. All the emergency tools are on their cellphones.

The app came to creation after Schenbaum experienced her daughter going through a dorm accident while they were separated by a few thousand miles. She received a phone call from her daughter while she was on her way to the hospital. Her daughter told her she was alright and the paramedic told her that there may be an amputation, then they hung up the phone.

This experience brought to Schenbaum’s attention a few things: she didn’t know who to call, what hospital her daughter was at or whether she had to make any medical decisions for her daughter.

Once her daughter was out of surgery she realized something else — there must be plenty of parents who have gone through similar experiences.

Schenbaum surveyed 200 parents and 200 college students and asked if they ran into similar problems and if they wished they had any way to handle medical emergencies when they were miles apart. Almost all of them wanted something that could give them the ability to communicate with the important people in their lives in the event something bad happened. And thus Umergency was created.

The app provides completely secure access to a person’s insurance card, emergency contacts, local resources and a digital medical consent form. It’s completely encrypted to provide safety to sensitive documents.

Although the app is free for students, it costs the parents a small fee of $7.99 a year or $19.99 for all of the student’s college career. In exchange, everybody has a little more peace of mind.

In the event of something bad happening, a person can contact a list of emergency contacts at the touch of a button. They can also press an “I am safe” button to notify your list of people.

The app hopes to provide parents and students the ability to handle difficult situations a little bit more easily because sometimes unfortunate things happen.

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