TRIO: Helping Those Who Help Themselves


With all of clubs, organizations and resources North Dakota State offers, it’s hard to keep them all straight. In fact, it’s near impossible to be able to list them all. One of the most encompassing and welcoming are the TRIO programs.

TRIO is an outreach program accessible to low-income, first generation and disabled students.

TRIO is offered by the student success programs and are funded by federal grants through the Department of Education. They offer Student Support Services, Upward Bound and the McNair Scholars Program.

The Student Support Services provides continuous encouragement for students thus increasing graduation and retention rates.

It provides services like group and individual tutoring, math and science instruction, reading and writing instruction and academic guidance.

Upward Bound focuses on high school students enrolled in the Fargo and West Fargo school districts. It prepares them to further their education and success in college. Seventy-five percent of high school students who complete the Upward Bound program enroll in some form of post-secondary education.

The McNair Scholars Program is named after astronaut Dr. Ronald E. McNair, who died in the Challenger disaster, which happened 30 years ago last week. The program prepares undergraduate students for graduate school. Each year one eligible student is chosen from a list of applicants. Those considering going beyond a baccalaureate degree and who have completed 28 credits and are income eligible, first generation students or are from underrepresented groups are welcomed to apply.

NDSU is now accepting applications for the TRIO scholarship. Those who are enrolled in at least one of the TRIO programs are eligible for the scholarship. If you seek further information about TRIO, visit the office in Ceres Hall room 335 or attend the TRIO McNair Scholar Seminar on 5 p.m. Monday in Memorial Union Mandan room.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect corrections submitted to The Spectrum by TRIO staff. 

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