Tree of the week: LEAF

Highlighting one of the many great trees on campus

This stunning maple makes its presence known to everyone who passes through campus.

You may be wondering, “Why should I care about this tree?” That is a great question. 

Situated near Memorial Union, this maple is a staple to a great crosswalk corner. Hovering over a regal stop sign, the tree is almost poetic in its grandeur. It looks like it belongs in a fairy tale, and yet it belongs to the students. It belongs to you. 

Let’s call it “Leaf”

This tree deserves a name, maybe Leaf. Leaf provides you shade on sunny days, gives you protection from the rain when you have to wait because cars will not stop at the crosswalks, and brings splendor to your eyes day in and day out. 

The New York Vines exclusive interview

You’re probably asking, does not every tree do this? Yes, but Leaf does it better. In an exclusive interview with The New York Vines, Leaf said, “People get me all wrong. They think I’m just your average maple, but I’m really better than that. Ask any maple, they’ll agree—promise.” 

Multiple maples in Minnesota were asked about Leaf’s prowess, and they confirmed the lofty claim. Leaf claimed that its adoration from the general public set it apart from your average maple, saying, “Students love me, even if they don’t know it. Ask them. I am fabulous, and I think everyone should know it.” 

Who speaks for the trees?

Leaf was said to have declined further comment when asked for a concrete explanation of why it is great. The source of the interview, The New York Vines, would not say how it managed to actually speak to the tree. Questions to the validity of this interview have arisen, as no Lorax is known to currently be in existence at this time. Nevertheless, Leaf demands acknowledgement. 

Leaf uses its position on campus to do good for those around it. It has been known to volunteer as a temporary home for various animals. It is willing to branch out and be a positive impact in its semi-arrogance, and that is why it is the Tree of the Week.

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