Tree of the Month: Legendary

John Swanson | Photo Courtesy
A special tree in North Dakota has been given the honor of being 2021’s Tree of the Year.

New year, new tree

You’ve heard it before, “new year, new me.” A new year provides a great landmark to change an old habit or start a new one. Unfortunately, there’s nothing truly miraculous about the new year, other than it simply acting as a landmark. We largely have Pope Gregory to thank for the current date of our yearly calendar refresh, otherwise resolutions could have ended up in March.

What happened to the Entwives?

The new year is no different for trees either. However, while people reach for resolutions, trees are presented with a different opportunity. For the last ten years, the “Tree of the Year” has been voted upon in Europe. For 2020, the winner was a Scots Pine in Czech Republic. Another notable winner not pertaining to 2020 or 2021 (but very much worth mentioning) is Scotland’s tree of the year in 2019. This honor went to a lovely elm granted the title of the “Last Ent of Affric.”

Tree of the Year

There is a sad twist to this story, and it is that there appears to be no tree of the year for America. It is because of this, that this semi-monthly article will have the privilege of naming 2021’s Tree of the Year. There were many considerations for which tree was most deserving of this title, many of the states’ finest trees. However, in a wild twist of events, the best tree of 2021 ended up being conveniently found on NDSU’s campus.

While typically the Tree of the Year in Europe is decided by voting, this cannot happen for 2021 because of Covid, as online votes may be fraudulent. So, it has been decided by autocracy—the autocrat being the ever-just photo editor of the Spectrum.

Bolley-Centennial Connection

Just outside the doors of Gate City Bank Auditorium sits a stately tree. At risk of being completely wrong, it is quite possibly an elm. This tree has greeted nearly every student who has gone to college on the campus of NDSU. It provides shade for those waiting to get into their favorite general or elective on hot late summer afternoons. It also is one of the (arguably) most beautiful trees on campus, spreading out its branches over path and road.

For these reasons, this tree has been named Tree of the Year for 2021 as it continues to build its legacy outside the classroom. As Tree of the Year, it has been granted the name Legendary in tribute to North Dakota’s slogan. As you pass by or go to class, do not forget to recognize this titled tree.

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