Tree of the Month: Korra

Photo Credit | John Swanson 
The trees are starting to foreshadow the coming cold with their change in color.

The legend of the Tree of the Month lives on

Do trees even have names? What would the world be like if trees had names like lakes, towns, or even cars? General Sherman is one of the largest trees in the world, located in Sequoia National Park in California. Tāne Mahuta, “God of the Forest,” is an incredibly old tree in New Zealand. Korra is a small tree I saw out of my window.


Who’s to say how old this tree is? It’s smaller, so some might consider it young in the tree world, quite possibly a teen. Is this simply being said in an effort to make a play on words with quarantine? Possibly because the author of this article has been watching a lot of Legend of Korra? Regardless of how this tree got its name, Korra lives on University Drive as seen through a window from 1701. It seems a lot is just out of windows lately, as many people are isolating more frequently or even quarantining. Luckily, named and unnamed trees have provided an escape, the freedom of isolation in nature’s open spaces.

Korra, the avatar for nature

As the first Tree of the Month of the school year, it is important to set a high standard. Korra stands firm since it is rooted, of course, it’s going to be grounded. However, it also stands firm in resiliency and opportunity. There are many parks and open spaces around Fargo—Oak Grove Park, Island Park, Orchard Glen Park—where you can escape from the monotony of the view out your window.

Earth, Wind and Fire (and Water)

As September dances to its end, take some time to enjoy the warmth offered outside. Before you know it, Korra will go up in a golden flame of leaves, then be left in a shell of its former glory as the ice age returns to campus. It will come sooner than you expect. Break the barrier (not literally) that stands between you and the outside world and go experience it. Just be safe, so you don’t have to Korra teen.

Unrelated note: I would recommend watching or rewatching Avatar, possibly Legend of Korra (I haven’t finished it yet).

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