Tree of the Month: Charlie Brown

The search for the best Christmas tree

A lovely tree somewhat between Minard and Bison Block

Welcome to December, a month of stark contrasts. Many people will be going home for the holidays, spending time with their families in the warmth of their home, with the warmth of fellowship around them. For now, there is no warmth. It is cold. Finals are approaching. Finals are to the semester as below zero with wind chill is to weather. Not warm. However, the time of glowing fireplaces and smiling faces approaches quickly. For that reason, the near future will be considered for the Tree of the Month in December, instead of focusing on the dread of this upcoming week.

Is that you, Mr. Green?

A second cousin of Mr. Green (if you do not know who that is, you are not a true Tree of the Month reader), this tree named Charlie Brown is truly one of the greatest Christmas trees on campus. You can go into the dining centers, various department buildings, blah blah blah who cares? Those are not true Christmas trees. Those are decorations, which is fine, but there’s no spirit in them. Charlie Brown’s Christmas is one of meaning, representing a family. This family happens to be that of the music department. It has ornaments that represent the music department. It is not just red and green spheres with gold tinsel hung upon a bright green plastic tree. If you have a tree like that, this is not an attack, but an attempt to put emphasis on the spirit behind the decorations and their meaning.

Real tree, real ornaments

This is why Charlie Brown is the Tree in the Month. It represents the good of Christmas, the community and authenticity. Even if all the ornaments were put on by some employee who had no good feelings in doing so, the tree still stands as a symbol for legitimate Christmas. 

Linus is more than his blanket

In “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” Linus reads about the birth of Christ and then says, “That’s what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown.” Whether or not you agree with Linus, all people can feel the joy Linus was trying to bring. Showing kindness to a family member, giving a gift to a loved one or giving back to your community—that is the warmth of Christmas.

Even if you are celebrating a pause in classes, that is something for which to be joyful. On a final note, though a tree may be small, spindly, weak—a Charlie Brown tree—there is still meaning to it, and it can be celebrated. Enjoy the small things over winter break and show some love to your local Charlie Brown tree.

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