Top Five Fargo Attractions

Suggestions from a Fargo Native

Classes are heating up, summer is cooling down, and we are all geared up for fall semester. As we settle into our new routines for the next several months, we often find ourselves with an afternoon or two during the week, or an empty weekend, at a loss of what to do with ourselves. 

For those who aren’t familiar with the Fargo area, it can be difficult to know what to do in a new city. You’ll hear many recommendations or testimonies of things you should be trying or go see. Not to mention that Google has endless lists of Fargo attractions.

Your friends and the internet may have some grand ideas, and I suggest you use them to find something that piques your interest, but if you’re still at a loss, I’ve got your back.

I am a born and raised Fargo native with deep family ties to the area, and I have here a list of top five Fargo-Moorhead area sights and events that may or may not be something new to try this school year. So put away google, because even your browser may not know a few of these.

Mount Fargo: 

This may not be a current sight, but come the first snow, this monument can stick around through July. That’s right – Mount Fargo is made of snow. Located just west of the Fargo landfill, this is where snow plows come to dump their full loads. That’s not a big deal from November to May, but this past summer, Mount Fargo didn’t melt until nearly August. 

It would be over 100 degrees, and you could still drive by a snow pile. Because that’s how much snow falls around here. It may not be enough to make an afternoon of taking a drive out to see some muddy snow on the Fourth of July, but it makes for a great social media post.

Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks: 

Personally my favorite on this list, the FM RedHawks are the area’s official minor league baseball team. Their season runs typically from May to September, which means there is still time to catch a game or two before baseball wraps up for the year.

For many fans, it’s all about the game, but there is more to baseball than hitting the ball and running the bases. There’s the food for one – mini-donuts, ice cream, popcorn, a taco shop, Bavarian pretzels, super nachos – the list goes on! You can find Superfan doing pushups on the opposing team’s dugout or busting out dance moves, or play some ballpark bingo, or get involved on the field yourself by entering the Van Dam Financial Guest Relations games in between innings. 

You can purchase tickets online, at the ballpark, or shop at Family Fare grocery (conveniently located south of campus on University), and with a receipt of $25 or more, you qualify for a pair of free general admission tickets to certain games. 

Guy Fieri’s Fargo Picks: 

Ready for some celebrity certified meals? Guy Fieri, host of the TV series Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, made a special trip to Fargo to give his chef’s kiss to several local restaurants.

While I haven’t been to every location on his list (yet!), those I have tried definitely win my approval. 

Pounds is a 1960s style restaurant located in downtown Fargo. Known for its wings and its BBQ Porker (that’s pork, BBQ sauce, and jalapenos over mac ‘n cheese), it’s a must-try.

Blackbird Woodfire Pizza, also located downtown, creates its own pizza crusts on site in a wood stove. The toppings range everything from sausage and apple to maple syrup, red onion, and sunny side eggs. But don’t worry – they have a design-your-own option with more traditional options for those who still prefer pepperoni. They even have crustless pizza bowls for a gluten-free option. For more information, visit their website:

Other Fieri picks to try include Nichole’s Fine Pastry and Café (downtown again) and Passage to India on 45th street in Fargo.

Lindenwood Rentals: 

Lindenwood park, just off Roger Maris Drive in Fargo, offers many different options for getting outside. The Fargo Park District offers bike rentals to enjoy the beautiful scenery on trails along the Red River, including two seaters and other multiple seat options. They also have kayaks and a dock for easy access to the water. The price is cheap and it’s an enjoyable activity to do outside! Lindenwood also has volleyball courts, baseball diamonds, and areas to fish off the shore.


An outdoors store is not a likely candidate on a list of sights and activities, but it definitely merits a mention here. Yes, there is fantastic shopping (you can find me deep in the exercise equipment), but there’s much more. A shooting gallery, mini bowling, golf simulators, a restaurant, a candy shop, arcade games, localized photo props, and did I mention they have an indoor Ferris wheel? Right on 45th street in Fargo, Scheels can be a site to visit on multiple occasions and still keep coming back to try something new!

Fargo isn’t just Oofda and sauerkraut (although those are trademarks here). There’s always something new to learn or experience if you look for it, and while the school year may be long and entertainment hard to come by, it’s always worth finding something new to try.

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