Top 10 Hobbies to Start in 2017

With the cold weather firmly in place, it’s a great time to pick up a new hobby. Put some music on in the background and take a look at these 10 hobbies to start in 2017:

1. Bullet journaling

Bullet journaling is widely popular as a way to keep track of appointments, meal plans, assignments and general health.

A combination of journaling, lists and a planner, the bullet journal has become a sensation on Tumblr. It’s good for anyone who wants to be a little more organized.

Starting out: bulletjournal.com has a tutorial as soon as the site is opened as well as an entire section devoted to getting a system started. They also offer journals starting at $24.95.

2. Adult coloring books

Adult coloring books reduce stress, promote creativity and are all-around fun. A popular way to relax after a hard day, adult coloring books allow for more complex patterns than their child equivalent.

Starting out: Adult coloring books are now sold at Wal-mart and Target. Hobby Lobby and Barnes and Noble have a larger variety.

3. Calligraphy

If adult coloring books seem a little too simple, calligraphy is more involved. Calligraphy is the art of handwriting. This could take the annual Christmas card to the next level.

Starting out: The worksheet on the Postman’s Knock goes through the steps of beginning calligraphy. There are worksheets as well as workshops on thepostmansknock.com. There are also worksheets available at lovepapercrafts.com.

4. Knitting

Knitting is a timeless tradition passed down through the generations. With the invention of the internet, learning to knit has never been easier. This hobby will produce hours of stress free activity as well as a new scarf, blanket or sweater.

The nice thing about knitting is all the supplies needed are available at Wal-Mart. There’s even a small section of beginner knitting books that can cost $4 and up. For a larger selection, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics are good choices.

Starting out: The blog Blissfully Domestic contains beginner videos for knitting showing how to cast on, how to do a knit stitch, a purl stitch and binding off, which finishes a project. To begin a new project, a simple scarf is the easiest way to begin. Instructions to begin a scarf can be found at sheepandstitch.com.

5. Crocheting

Just liking knitting, crocheting is timeless. For more versatile projects, crocheting is a good skill to have. There are also projects that combine knitting and crocheting for those who perfect both skills.

Starting out: For visual learners, YouTube is the best bet when it comes to crochet videos for beginners. There are hundreds of different stitches when it comes to crocheting and the best way to do this without spending hundreds of dollars is to look up tutorials.

Granny Squares have been used for hundreds of years to teach crocheting to the next generation. There are a variety of Granny Squares, but one of the most basic patterns is shown in a video called How To Crochet a Granny Square – Beginners Tutorial & Basic Pattern by Jayda InStitches.

6. Drawing

Doodling in notebooks is as relaxing as it gets. Take these doodles to the page by drawing in a drawing notebook. Using drawing pencils will add clarity and depth to any drawing.

Starting out: There’s a site online called easydrawingtutorials.com that offers tutorials on characters from TV shows and movies. There are video tutorials as well as written, step-by-step instructions available.

7. Baking

Baking seems more like a chore more than a hobby, but making sweets is definitely considered a hobby. The best part about this particular activity is that the payout is getting to eat the results.

Starting out: The Food Network is tempting but maybe not the best instruction for beginners. Many baking ingredients have recipes right on the back of their package that are simple and easy to follow. If the recipe isn’t available, bettycrocker.com has thousands of recipes from around the world.

8. Learn Sign Language

Learning a new language is always fun and interesting. The nice thing about sign language is its versatility. Being able to talk to someone you may not have been able to talk to before is rewarding in itself. It will also help when filling out job applications.

Starting out: While there are hundreds of books illustrating sign language for learners, the easiest way to learn sign language is to watch someone use it. YouTube is the best free resource for this. YouTuber Bill Vickers has a lot of videos devoted to teaching sign language.

9. Yoga

Yoga is a way to relieve stress from every day life. Stretching doesn’t have to be painful or exhausting. Adding yoga daily can have lasting impression on health and wellness.

Starting out: Yome and Do Yoga With Me are two great sites with free beginner videos for those who are just learning. The NDSU Wellness Center also provides classes in yoga.

10. Reading

Reading doesn’t have to be solely for academics. With reading apps becoming more popular, it’s easier than ever to read. There are also far more genres available to the average reader including newspapers, fantasy and even biographies.

Starting out: The easiest, cheapest way to get a physical book is a trip to the library. There are hundreds of books available and it’s all free to use. There are also many apps and newspapers online that are free to the public.

Hobbies are a great way to expand horizons and learn a new skill. Whether it’s knitting, crocheting or bullet journaling, starting a new hobby will reduce stress and induce relaxation.

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