Time to break out the sweaters

Tips to add a little extra style to your fall attire

Sweaters are the perfect base to create a stylish outfit with the addition of accessories.

The leaves have changed and the temperature has dropped. This only means one thing: it’s time to break out the sweaters and fall attire.

Sweaters are cozy and with the addition of some accessories, stylish outfits can be created with ease. Think of incorporating some of these accessories into your next fall look.


Yes, if you’re thinking about Fred from Scooby-Doo, you’re correct. But really, ascots can function as a great contrast tying together colors throughout the outfit. Ascots can be paired with any outfit from a simple fall dress to a plain sweater that just needs a little extra print. Next time you dig out a pair of high-waisted jeans and an old three-quarter length sleeved shirt, think of pairing it with an ascot and your favorite worn-in sneakers. This vintage look is effortlessly simple and comfortable and can be comfortably worn throughout a college student’s busy day.

Chunky Rings

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the endless unique jewelry that can be discovered at thrift stores. If new is what you’re interested in, start scouring for rings at the boutique shops downtown. Drawing from fall tones like the browns, orange, greens and reds of the season; One can bring out these colors in their fall wardrobe by adding chunky rings. Band rings are beautiful especially when cast with unique stones or inscribed sayings. Rings accented with raw uncut rocks are personally, my favorite look right now.

Hoop Earrings

Something I’m seeing more and more, hoop earrings can be paired with nearly everything and can add a bit of shine to what may be an otherwise monochrome color scheme.


Think of adding a little fringe to your outfit with a purse or earrings. Fringe can tie an outfit together if what you’re looking to create is a wild west look that can be paired well with ankle boots.

Floppy hats

Everybody needs a floppy hat in their wardrobe and with the warm tones of brown can tie in together an outfit well. Think of styling a brown hat with a fall dress or midi-skirt.


One trend that has demanded my full attention is the resurgence of corduroy. This fall you’ll notice corduroy in mini dresses, flare jeans and skirts. With a wide array of colors marketed, corduroy adds a welcoming texture to make outfits stand out.

Next time you pass by a pair of corduroy jeans, think of pairing it with a well-worn band t-shirt and a layering of jewelry. A corduroy skirt can be paired with a long sleeve turtleneck and a pair of tights.


With the changing weather comes the brisk wind that can make us regret wearing skirts/shorts. Don’t fear, it’s tights season. Tights are a fall staple in a person’s wardrobe. Tights paired with ankle boots and boot socks can make an outfit warm and stylish.

The Takeaway

Fall is a heart-warming season filled with warm tones and layers. Add an extra layer, a chunky ring, an item with a different texture. You can even add a fringed purse or floppy hat to really make the outfit stand out.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to fall fashion. Have fun styling and just remember, it’s finally time to add the thick sweaters back into the wardrobe.

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