Those Prices Aren’t Virtual

Virtual reality headsets are becoming more and more affordable, making the market for virtual reality games a plausibility for a growing number of people.

While scanning the vast expanses of the Steam store for my next free or discounted digital adventure, I noticed that there were and are many new virtual reality (VR) games popping up in every genre.

That isn’t too much of a problem except for the fact I don’t own a virtual reality headset. Some of those games look really, as the kids would say, dope.

I did a little checking online for the price of headsets, thinking I was going to find some disappointing price ranges. However, after doing some sleuthing, I found that quality headset prices are dropping. Yes, now you can have your very own Oculus Rift VR headset for only $399, which is exciting because it used to cost $500 to buy one. Now, it is the same price as a PlayStation VR headset.

This may seem like a lot of money, especially considering you also need a personal computer or a video game console to even use a VR headset. Plus, the amount of disposable income us college kids have is next to zip.

What I am observing here is dat price drop doe. The decrease in price is a good sign that virtual reality is becoming a more mainstream entertainment service, which in turn means prices will continue to drop. This is because VR headsets have not been on the market as a mass-produced item or at least not mass used.

The more and more VR is used and wanted, the more that it will be produced, meaning the price will continue to drop. As a person who enjoys video games, this makes me happy because virtual reality seems like a cool way to pass some time. Albeit, maybe not a productive passing of time.

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