Think The Spectrum is just for students majoring in journalism?

Looking for students in different departments to write a weekly column

Calling all student’s in different disciplines, we want you to write for The Spectrum. What, you’re nervous about writing for the Spectrum? You don’t think it will be “good enough” to get published? That’s why I exist, an editor. To help you when you need it and to assure you anyone can write.

People often think that story’s in the paper are just submitted and placed in the paper without any oversight. That simply isn’t true. The Spectrum is a student newspaper, meaning that we’re all learning but it’s specifically my job to help you learn.

If you’re confused about the process, here it is, you either contact me via phone, email or walk into The Spectrum office. You tell me what you’re interested in and both of us brainstorm topics that you can write about and decide on how often you want to write (once a week is preferred). When writing an article you’re free to ask me questions and I will actually proof-read and edit your stories if there is something that needs to be changed. The next step is copy-editing, which is actually a position held by a person on The Spectrum staff. Don’t worry, you’ll be in the right hands.

You can write about almost anything, and that’s the beauty of it. Here are just a few departments that a student (if from) could easily generate topics to write about.

We’re NDSU after all, a University known for its well-funded and far-reaching agricultural program. I’m an English major and my knowledge on agriculture is little to none. That’s why a person who’s passionate about agriculture should write a column. Topics like agricultural highlights (think events, farmer highlights and a day in the life stories), stories explaining the trade war-what it means for farmers, and new technology in the field can be written about. How about a farm animal or tractor, highlight? I wouldn’t be opposed.

Apparel, Retail Merchandising and Design
I need someone who’s fashion-savvy to write a column about fashion trends, what to wear in the new season and/or talk about sustainable fashion and the environmental impacts of living in a world where ‘fast fashion’ is all too prominent. The annual NDSU fashion show is coming up, you could even write a student highlight about students who are designing their own clothing and ask them how they got their inspiration.

Psychology and Sociology
There are so many topics that can be written about here. From writing a column about advice, discoveries about how our brain works, to explaining how cultural movements and the effect it has had on students.

Let’s figure out the story of buildings at NDSU, what design movements influenced these buildings, is the design still relevant today?

Veterinary Technology
In the past, The Spectrum has written articles highlighting different dogs or cats that are up for adoption at Homeward Animal Shelter. Assuming you’re an animal lover (I can only hope, with this career path), you can write an article in the voice of the cat or dog giving information on your personality type and that you have the chance to be adopted (of course talking in a regular human voice about the “soon-to-be” pet is okay too).

One thing that’s similar in all of these articles is the fact, that by writing these articles on topics you are passionate about you’re showing employers that you care about your field (proving early on that you’re a hard worker) and that you most importantly, have writing skills. In this case, you have literal published proof.

Contact: if interested or for more information.

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