Things I’ve learned at NDSU

After 5 years I can share what they don’t tell you about college

FYI, slaughtering a bison is the way to get into NDSU.

Graduation day is finally arriving, and this will be my final article as the Features Editor. As a farewell to my position and to my Bison classmates, I will be sharing all of the things they do not tell you about college.

This is not the typical “go to class” article. This is the s— people are afraid to say and do not realize until their time has come to an end as a college student.

Listen up, incoming freshman. These could make or break your college career.

Ticket guy’s job is to be a jerk

It is his job to give you a parking ticket. To avoid this, know his schedule and park there in between the times he usually does not go to the parking lot.

Toilet paper is gold

When you get your own apartment, you will realize how expensive toilet paper is. To prevent the panic, hoard toilet paper from your dorms. Every time they bring you toilet paper rolls take two and hide them. Also, know what bathrooms on campus leave toilet paper out, so if you run out you got that stash too.

Save money now

Seriously. You will regret not saving. Save, save as much as you can. Emergencies happen, and you will need the money, or you save up a lot of money.

Sometimes roommates suck

Freshman year, you could hate your roommate. Sometimes they have sex when you’re in the room. Sometimes they yell at their significant other every second of every day. It happens. Just try and be civil.

Sometimes friends suck

Don’t move in with your friends unless you are prepared to possibly ruin your friendship. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn’t. So, prepare for the idea that it could be the worst idea ever.

Sometimes professors suck

If you’re reading this, you could be one of the professors that I gave a terrible evaluation to because you made my life a living hell. Professors can be awful or great, so do your research and know how you like to be taught.

Tell your advisor to f— off

You could end up with an advisor that you do not click with. It happens a lot more than you think. Do not feel bad to change advisors. They’ll understand.

Change your major

If you are doubting your major, take a different class and test out whether you enjoy that more. You can research and set up meetings with advisors in other departments to determine where you fit. Do not be scared to change your major if you want to.

Clickers are a scam

You will most likely not need clickers. You will need them for a couple classes, and that is it. Do not get wrapped up in the idea that you will need clickers for every class.

No one cares about you

Not in the sense that they don’t care about your life, but in a way, they don’t care about your life. Feel free to wear whatever you want. If you show up to class in a onesie, people will probably nod their head in respect rather than laugh at you.

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