There is so much good, so much to be thankful for

Realizing how blessed you are will help get you through the rest of the semester

Mathew Wingram | Photo Courtesy

Homework? Finals? Yeah, I hope you didn’t worry about it during Thanksgiving break. The time should be spent enjoying family and friends, taking a nap and just relaxing.

The semester is finally wrapping up and everyone is overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted. We were ready for a break and wanted more time to spend with our friends and family. Well guess what? That’s what Thanksgiving break is for.

Taking advantage of your Thanksgiving break means going home and seeing family, enjoying every single minute. All the fighting with your siblings, the arguments during Thanksgiving dinner and your dad freaking out over guests coming over soon and the house isn’t clean yet. Hopefully it all soaked in.

Helping your mom with Thanksgiving dinner, taking your dog for a walk and eating as much food as you want — Thanksgiving is once a year and home-cooked meals while in college are rare. Homework will always be there, but time with family will not.

Thanksgiving break is not about stressing over finals and all the homework you have. It’s not worth missing time with your family to do schoolwork. Life is short. This was a time to enjoy what you have; the homework will get done now. Be thankful.

There were so many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. The fact that we have survived 2021 up until this moment. We’ve been able to have a homecoming and attend athletic events. We were able to go to class in-person and had the opportunity to meet so many good people. Life is good.

Every day is a gift. Take advantage of the time you get with your family and friends. Realize that all will be okay, and we will make it through the semester. Just as long as you are thankful for each day.

We have good staff at NDSU that are always looking out for us. I was in class the other day and as we were wrapping up the class, our professor said, “We are always here for you, whether you need help with school or a shoulder to cry on, we will be here for you.” We should be thankful that there are people in our life, especially at NDSU that are looking out and caring for us. 

Although some days the world feels like it’s falling apart, we somehow seem to make it through the day, week and month. We also somehow get through that assignment, test and class that we don’t want to go through. We survive and conquer. We should be so thankful. 

There are people in this world who have not had the opportunity to attend college and have the college experience. We have this opportunity. Live each moment to the fullest and be grateful for the opportunity to attend college, the chance to meet awesome people and to further our education. 

Even if it seems we are not going to make it through the day, week, month, assignment, presentation or test — we somehow make it through. It makes me realize that everything will work out, hopefully for our best interest and we will be thankful, grateful, blessed. 

Every day is a gift. Take advantage of any time you get with your family and friends. Realize that all will be okay, and we will make it through the semester. Just as long as you are thankful for each day. 

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