The Women’s March and Feminism

PHOTO COURTESY Cody Williams |
On January 21st millions marched in The Women’s March on Washington.

On Saturday the 21st, millions of people participated in the Women’s March across the world.

According to Women’s march on Washington, the mission of the march was to create mass awareness and take back our voice. As a woman, I found the march inspiring. Our safety, health and families are all important aspects of life and to have that taken away is a travesty.

Of course, with protest comes retaliation.

Recently social media has been bursting with articles and statements about feminism.

While some may be uplifting, there are others that are cause of misconception concerning feminism as a whole.

Yes, everyone has their right to their own opinion. However, due to the mass amounts of strewed information, I would like to touch base on a few things.

First of all, feminism is not solely about being offended by chivalry, whining about equal pay, or the differences between men and women.

Feminism is about equality, not only between men and women, but intersectionality as well. There is so much more to feminism than the media portrays.

It is about fighting for equal rights, yes, but it is more than that.

The more conservative side of media has portrayed the Women’s March as a bunch of women whining about inequality.

When in reality, the protest was about women (and men) coming together to support each other in a time of fear.

It was a march to show the world that, yes, we do still have a voice.

Yes, we are louder than ever. Yes, we will fight for our rights, our safety and our families.

I understand that men and women are different in many ways, but the fact that after all these years we are still fighting for the same thing is disappointing.

After this past election cycle it was made obvious that we need to take a stand and show that there are too many of us to fight it.

The fear that the election stirred up in so many diverse communities caused greater bonds than anyone could have foreseen and a voice louder than ever. This is what the March is truly about, unity.

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