The United States of Narcissism

CASEY MCCARTHY | PHOTO COURTESY A flag flies outside of NDSU during a turbulent period of time for our nation.
A flag flies outside of NDSU during a turbulent period of time for our nation.

Say hello to the era we have created where intelligence goes to die.

Hello Narcissism, our name is the United States.

I felt the Bern, and then I felt the crippling weight of reality.

Wasn’t it fun thinking that we could change the political landscape of this nation?

Take us from a nation of “capitalist pigs” to a “progressive” one. A nation where school is paid for, where healthcare is a right and we all drive electric cars.

What? Us actually doing all that? What a pipe dream!

Welcome to the real world. Look, Trump has a real chance at becoming president. If we, as a nation, were in school our progress report would say, “Needs improvement.”

We are not Denmark, we are not Norway, we are simply apples and oranges to many nations in certain regards.

No matter what your personal beliefs are, about half the nation is content to refute evolution, and possibly even global warming.

In most instances I try to be an optimist, but I can’t be unrealistic.

We have years, maybe even decades, before we are going to be ready for a president like Bernie.

Is it fair to force ideals on someone? Is it fair to force someone into something they simply don’t like?

This is not about whether it is right or not, this is about whether it is fair.

We cannot answer that question any other way than with a no. Unless they are personally hurting another person through racism, bigotry, or the greatest offense, ignorance, we really have no right.

Is global warming real? Yes! Is there racism still in this country? Yes, obviously!

These are issues we must fight, but we must choose the right weapons.

Our best weapon for this is education, not alienation.

Through alienation we make about half of the nation hate our guts. Which side is yours to choose.

Think of it this way: voicing support for either of the two primary presidential candidates is usually a conversation killer among your friends.

Stop what you are doing right now, and hang your head in shame.

This is truly a sad moment in our history.

It seems we have missed one of the most elementary lessons, play well with others.

Instead we focused on personal accomplishments, and alienated those who were different from us.

“No honey we can’t have Johnny go over to Jimmy’s house, he has two dads.”

“No, sorry, the Johnsons have guns, and I don’t feel comfortable with you being there.”

“Sorry, I don’t want you playing with them, they are trash.”

Growing up we play with who we are supposed to play with. We have sleepovers with only approved groups of people. Go on play dates with only approved people. Our friendships are built on approval. Rather than actually finding people we actually like.

When we break down these walls, maybe, just maybe then we can feel the “Bern,” but until then we are doomed to play this game of blaming.

Is the person to blame today the rednecks, the email leakers, the gays, the religious or the atheists?

Lets leave the blame game in the past, and instead progress together as one nation instead of personally. No matter what anyone tells you, unless a majority vote for it, your opinions mean little to nothing outside of your own peace of mind. Change the nation—it is even more satisfying than changing your mind.


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